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Is Odoo 17 the Key to Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing Through Scrap Management?

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As the industry evolves, manufacturers are consistently on the lookout for methods to refine their operations, cut costs, and elevate product quality. A critical yet often overlooked aspect of this pursuit is scrap management. Odoo 17, the latest edition of the acclaimed open-source ERP software, steps into this arena with a suite of tools designed to revolutionize scrap management and, by extension, manufacturing efficiency.


Understanding Scrap in Manufacturing

Scrap, the by-product of any manufacturing process, can be a significant drain on resources if not managed efficiently. 

Understanding the Challenges of Scrap Management in Manufacturing 

  1. Navigating Complexities : Managing scrap in a manufacturing setup is fraught with complexities. The difficulty lies in accurately tracking, quantifying and analyzing the scrap generated, especially in multi-layered production environments.
  2. Financial and Environmental Impact : Unmanaged scrap leads to material loss and increased production costs, alongside contributing to environmental pollution due to inefficient disposal methods.

Odoo’s manufacturing module in version 17 addresses this issue head-on. It enables the identification, categorization and proper handling of scrap, turning a potential loss into an opportunity for process optimization.


Odoo 17 introduces an enhanced Shop Floor Module. 

When a product is identified as scrap during the manufacturing process, the system generates a ‘scrap order‘. This feature is crucial in segregating defective products and streamlining their movement from preproduction to a designated scrap area. This not only improves inventory accuracy but also aids in analyzing production flaws for future improvements.

  • Comprehensive Scrap Tracking : The module allows for detailed recording of scrap incidents. It helps in keeping track of the quantity, type, and cost of scrap generated, ensuring that no data slips through the cracks.
  • In-Depth Scrap Analysis : This feature provides actionable insights by identifying trends and patterns in scrap generation. It’s instrumental in understanding how, when, and why scrap is produced.
  • Root Cause Analysis : A critical component of the module, it assists in uncovering the underlying reasons for scrap, enabling manufacturers to implement targeted improvements.
  • Proactive Scrap Prevention : The module isn’t just about managing scrap; it also focuses on strategies and practices to minimize its generation, marking a shift towards preventive management.
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The integration of Odoo 17’s scrap management module into your manufacturing process involves several key steps :

  1. Initial Assessment : Begin by evaluating your current scrap management practices. Identify the gaps and areas that need improvement.
  2. Customization and Implementation : Odoo 17’s module can be tailored to fit specific manufacturing needs. Customize the module to align with your operational processes.
  3. Employee Training : Ensure that your team is well-equipped to use the module effectively. Provide comprehensive training on how to record, analyze, and manage scrap data.
  4. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement : Use the insights gained from the module to continuously refine and improve your scrap management strategies.

Odoo 17 emerges as a vital tool in the quest for enhanced manufacturing efficiency through its innovative approach to scrap management. Its comprehensive features offer new levels of control and insight, enabling businesses to minimize waste, save costs and improve sustainability.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we bring our extensive experience and expertise in Odoo 17 to the forefront of scrap management solutions. Our approach includes :

  • Expert Analysis : We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing scrap management systems.
  • Tailored Implementation : Leveraging Odoo 17, we implement a scrap management solution that’s customized to your unique requirements.
  • Ongoing Support : Our team provides continuous support and guidance, ensuring that you derive the maximum benefit from the Odoo 17 platform.

Check out our Manufacturing Module for more details!

Transform your manufacturing process with Pragmatic Techsoft’s customized Odoo solutions. Reach out to us to discover how Odoo 17 can revolutionize your operations and elevate your efficiency.


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