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Keep your Projects on track with Odoo

Tired of Hand-Held Project Management? Do you need a more streamlined project summary and greater general efficiency? Try the Odoo Project Management Plugin instead.

Flexible in nature, it makes it easy to break down your project into Bite-sized tasks and Assign them to your team for improved collaboration. 

With the Odoo Project Management Module, you can easily drag and drop tasks, group tasks by stages, and create customized stages per project to define the process. This module even allows you to see the remaining hours of your tasks through the Kanban view.

Who Benefits from Odoo Project Management?

Project Management is a challenging task for businesses – right from Maintaining procedures to keeping track of deadlines, it can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Odoo’s Project Management Module offers a smart solution for businesses looking to simplify their project management processes. 

With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, the module enables businesses to effortlessly manage their projects and stay on top of deadlines.

Ideal for businesses of all sizes and types that have multiple projects running simultaneously,  it is especially beneficial for businesses that struggle with tracking project progress, monitoring deadlines, managing resources, and analyzing project performance. 

Odoo Project Management simplifies these tasks and makes project management easier, more efficient, and more effective. Let’s take a look at the steps to set up this module :

Step-by-Step Procedure for Setting up Odoo Project Management :

Install Odoo
Odoo installation is the first step. Pragmatic Techsoft or Odoo’s startup guide can be used.

Install the Project Management Module
Project Management must be loaded after Odoo. Search for “Project Management” in the Apps tab or ask Pragmatic Techsoft for help.

Create a New Project
After installing the Project Management tool, hit “Create” to start a new project. Name the project, project manager, client, and other data.

Add Tasks to the Project
Once the project is created, you can add tasks to the project. You can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress.

Monitor Project Progress
The Project Management module’s Gantt chart view shows project progress. Analyze project success and track job time.

Manage your Projects like a Pro with Odoo + Pragmatic Techsoft

Pragmatic Techsoft is a leading Odoo implementation and customization service provider. You can rely on our seasoned staff to assist you in installing and tailoring Odoo project management for your company. We can also provide training and support to ensure that you get the most out of Odoo project management.

Maximize efficiency, productivity, and collaboration with the dynamic duo of Odoo and Pragmatic Techsoft

Say Goodbye to Project Management headaches and Hello to Seamless Workflows with Odoo + Pragmatic Techsoft.

Connect today with Team Pragmatic for a free consultation!


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