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How to Make an Offer Bid on Product Price Odoo eCommerce App?

While doing shopping we often come across products we like to buy but do not have the requisite budget to buy them. This leads to customer attrition. Also there is no way for the customer to make an offer or bid on the fixed prices on the website. Also sometimes online retailers run discounts and the product price might drop and come in the range of the budget of the customer.  Also, there are situations selling perishable products that you need to sell before they get rotten. We have created an App that allows you to place a counter offer for a product on an E-commerce website for a desired Quantity. This is a win-win for both online sellers and customers. The online retailer can reject the offer in case it make no business sense.



  • Make an Offer Button on Product details Page
  • Workflow to submit the offer to the online retailer
  • Workflow to accept the offer and send payment link
  • Stock availability check ups


On the E-commerce website below add to cart you get an option to place an Offer for the product.



If you make an offer it will ask you detals like the price offered & quantity to buy with the address details if not logged in



Once a user fills in the form in Odoo users can see the details of record filled in and has the option to either accept or decline the offer.



If the offer is accepted it creates a quotation in Odoo and links against the offer



If declined it will send the user an email with the same specified.


When the quotation is created in Odoo it checks for the stock available for the same product & raises a prompt incase stock is not available informing & confirming to still create a quotation.




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