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Odoo TradeMe TradeVine Integration

1. Overview

TradeMe is an internet auction website operating in New Zealand. Managed by TradeMe Ltd., TradeMe is New Zealand’s most influential ecommerce platform. Pragmatic has developed a new Odoo TradeMe Tradevine eCommerce Integration App. The Connector is a feature rich extension that helps you efficiently manage your Ordering processing and fulfillment in Odoo. It utilizes the TradeVine API to pull and push data between the two systems.


Features of Odoo TradeMe / Tradevine Connector:

  • Importing Products from Tradevine / Trademe to Odoo
  • Importing Customers from Tradevine / Trademe to Odoo
  • Importing Orders from Tradevine / Trademe to Odoo

We will see the functionality of the Tradevine / Trademe Connector in details as follows :


2. Tradevine / Trademe Connector Configuration

On Installation of Tradevine connector user will get following separate menu as highlighted. In this section user can configure different Tradevine / Trademe Instances.

Lets checkout how to setup Instance details in following steps.


2.1 Tradevine / Trademe Instance Configuration

Path : Tradevine Instance –> Tradevine Instance Details
This menu will list down all the Tradevine instances in list view for allows.

Clicking on “Create” button will take user to form view. Lets see the details we capture in this form.

All above configuration are required in order to set the values on import of orders from Tradevine to Odoo.

2.2 Product Import from Tradevine to Odoo

Manual product import to Odoo option is available in “Sync Data” tab on the Tradevine instances as follows

Tradevine provides data in batches so initial import may take some depending on the number of products available there. On successful import of products Odoo prompts a message.
There is no scheduler for Import of Products as this will be taken care at the time of Order import Itself.


2.3 Order Import from Tradevine to Odoo

Option to import Orders from Tradevine to odoo is available in “Sync Data” tab of Tradevine Instances form.

Above scheduler will fetch the Sales Order records on a set frequency.
On successful import of orders in Odoo it allocates Tradevine order ID for corss references







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