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Mobile Madness : How Your Business Can Thrive in the Age of Smartphones

Once upon a time, the world of business faced a Massive problem. Business Owners were tethered to their computer systems, unable to work on the go! A Huge hindrance back then in terms of productivity, creativity and mainly no satisfaction! 
Then a Hero emerged : Mobility!

Finally, the key that unlocked the chains of stationary work, allowing businesses to explore newer ways of leveraging Mobile tools to extend their ERP systems! 

With Mobile ERPs, users were no longer restricted to the four walls of their office. They could access the ERP system via smartphones and tablets, giving them the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time. This breakthrough in technology not only enhanced mobility within the company framework but also increased business productivity. 

In a Mobile ERP arrangement, rather than being tethered to a desktop computer, users may access their ERP system from the convenience of their own smartphones or tablets. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that may be used on mobile devices improve employee mobility and ultimately boost company output.

Having a Mobile ERP allows one to update the business data from their smartphones/tablets. This guarantees instantaneous data availability with little outlay for hardware and configuration. The ability to ‘use it anywhere’ and the simplicity of mobile ERP systems make it easy for company decision-makers to be well-informed at all times. 

However, keep in mind that not all ERP apps are created equal, especially when it comes to mobile compatibility. The best mobile ERP technology would centralize all company-wide communications, allowing for more effective teamwork and higher output.
Cloud-based mobile ERP apps streamline regular business tasks by eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone data entry.

Cloud-based Mobile ERP Apps streamline regular business tasks by eliminating the need for Time-Consuming and Error-Prone data entry.
Mobile ERPs are flexible enough to streamline processes but without impacting operational efficiency.

Read on to know the Benefits of a Mobile ERP :

1) Data Quality Enhancement : Every ERP system relies on input data. ERP output depends on data quality. A mobile app for data collection and entry will improve your ERP system. Mobile ERP software may also filter erroneous data before it enters the ERP database. Thus, mobile ERPs centralize quality data entry and maintenance.

2) Better Exposure – Keeping tabs on operations at many offices is a breeze with Mobile ERP. You can  keep tabs on company activities in many divisions and regions from the convenience of your portable device. Demand forecasting and business process planning become less of a guessing game. You can stay abreast of current events in real time with the help of a mobile ERP software that compiles relevant data and information from many sources.

3) Competitive Advantage – Businesses benefit from mobile ERPs’ Access to Real-Time, On-the-Go Data about their financial accounts. Leaders may have more influence over daily operations when they can use their mobile devices to access ERP software in its entirety. The turnaround time is shortened and production is increased as a result.

4) System Agility – Tiresome, time-consuming ERP installations are now easier than ever thanks to mobile ERP software. Current ERP installations are becoming more adaptable thanks to mobile apps, which is saving time and money.

It’s the age of smartphones hence it’s imperative that business be conducted on the go. 

Odoo’s Mobile App allows businesses to effortlessly contact clients on the go and deliver a smooth user experience, all of which contribute to higher conversion rates and ultimately more revenue.

There are multiple ways to access Odoo on mobile, such as through the official Odoo mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms or through the mobile responsive interface of the Odoo community edition accessed via mobile web browser. Plus there are third-party apps available to build custom mobile apps for Odoo using the Odoo Mobile-App Builder.

Pragmatic Techsoft offers various Odoo solutions tailored to fit specific business needs. 

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