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New Features Developed in the OpenERP POS (Point of Sale) – Password required for the POS Validation part

Provision made in POS where manager can login once and later the sales rep can login by just entering password. No need to enter user name each time. The system will map the password and allow the valid user to create the new Order with his name.
Once POS order is complete he has to re-enter the password for new Order.
POS order will be generated with name of the salesperson that has entered the password so any change in salesperson looking after the counter he needs to renter his password to make a new order. So the new order will be processed in the name of the new salesperson that entered the password.
  • Ease in analysis of sales made per month by each sales person.
  • Draw Reports for specific time period per salesperson.
Password Validation Screen
Reports Screenshot:

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