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odoo 9 Insurance Management

The high demands by customers, increased stakeholder touchpoints, evolving regulatory compliances, and shrinking margins, needs a turnkey swing around factor – automation of your critical processes that delivers better efficiencies in long run. This is where our Odoo Open ERP expertise truly delivers on all fronts. Ease of use, extensive automation capabilities, and highly insightful reporting, are just a few competitive advantages your business receives with our solution meant exclusively for the insurance domain.

Configuration Consist of Contract Types, Expert Type Reports, Contract Clauses

User need to define all the clauses which has to be included in company’s insurance policy.


User can define the type of contracts which are present in company. This will include following:- Template product line, Template clauses, Specific Condition Attachment & Notes.


Template Product Line


User can define type of clause applied under contract


User can upload the document related to the contract.


User can maintain the Notes against the contract.


It is used for configuring expert report type extraction analysis.


System maintains the data of all customers


System can maintain all the data of Contracts made by customer.


System can maintain all the data of claim made by customer.


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