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Odoo Apps News – the Destination for Latest Odoo News and Updates

Odoo, best known as the most popular management software for SMEs is a thriving platform. It enjoys a tremendous technical community support. Keeping in line with the evolving trends and business demands, the Belgian software company keeps releasing vital updates needed to keep businesses ahead competitively. Also the vibrant community keeps on releasing very interesting Odoo Apps that could save customers time and cost. Being a dynamic platform, it is very difficult for Odoo community member to keep in sync with the latest happenings and subject-centric discussions.

How good it would be if there was a way to serve Community members with only those snippets of information which he/ she is really interested in?

This is where the prowess of Voice Assistants comes in.

Voice search queries have grown 35x since 2008. This depicts the tremendous disruptive power of Voice technology on diverse industry verticals. At Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt Ltd, we seek to bring Voice Assistants to the Odoo Community members to help them be more agile, efficient, and productive on their Odoo development projects

Enter Odoo Apps News

Odoo Apps News is a new service offering from Pragmatic – the leader in world class Odoo solutions. We know the ins and outs of Odoo development and how timely community support is a vital success driver. Hence we have leveraged this expertise with our competencies in voice technology.

The outcome is a feature rich daily briefing app that gives you information on the latest News, Events and Apps in the Odoo world. The voice based podcast provides insights in to useful Odoo Apps as well as the latest News in the Odoo world.

Benefits of the VOice Assistant / Podcast

1 – App discovery

Odoo Apps are published in the App store There are hundreds of apps available in the app store but the discovery of good apps is difficult. Through this channel, we intend to educate and introduce people to great Odoo apps.

2 – The touch of expertise

The briefings will cover details on Enterprise and Community Apps. It will provide overview information on apps which are very useful. We will also provide some handy tips and tricks to improve performance, scalability, reliability of the Odoo platform, thus boosting the professional competencies of the modern day Odoo developer. We will review and go in to details of Odoo Apps to help people discover new useful Odoo business apps.

How to tune in?

1 – Amazon Alexa

We currently support Amazon Alexa Skills
You can add this skill to your Alexa and content will flow in your flash briefings.


2 – YouTube

You can also listen in to the podcast by subscribing to our Youtube channel


3 – Google Assistant

Our team is currently working on this and will formally announce once this is done.
Do stay tuned for more exciting updates happening on the Odoo Apps News podcast.


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