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Odoo Consulting Service Management Software is your all-in-one solution for business management.

It brings all the tools you need to run a consultancy, in one place. The module is much easier to manage clients, projects, tasks, time, expenses and invoicing in one software than to jump from one platform to another.Pragmatic’s Odoo Consulting Service Management Software gives you real-time visibility into your consulting process and provides robust team collaboration capabilities at an affordable price. Invest less time in administrative tasks and focus more on delivering exceptional service.

Features of Odoo Consulting Service Management Software 

  • Implements a 360-degree approach for managing all processes involved in providing sharp consultancy services to clients
  • Tracks skills and man hours used throughout a specific process for all activities and tasks
  • Optimizes the budgeting of all consulting projects & tasks at both macro and micro levels, according to the firm’s needs
  • Large storage capacity and easy retrieval of client and stakeholder information
  • Improves the revenue model of all consulting firms. It is driven primarily by the Accounting Module, which allows for SO, PO, Invoices, and Payments.
  • Managing your consultancy’s personnel is easier with an integrated HR module. The software allows users to create company structures, salary structures, process payroll, and much more
  • An effective monitoring of all consultation projects can be achieved by using user-friendly and timely reports. Thus, these interactive reports enable better decision-making

Versatile & High Performance – Benefits of Odoo Consulting Service Software

  1. Improved Project Management
  2. Never Miss a Billable Minute Again
  3. Simplify Your Expense Management
  4. Better Manage Your Finances
  5. Access Powerful Reports

Why Choose Pragmatic Consulting Service Management System?

We strive to provide the best consulting management modules for the changing requirements of the industry globally. 

Pragmatic Techsoft has many years of experience providing services in Odoo for consulting services. We have helped consultants streamline their administration efficiently through advanced automated systems. With our proven software products and technical support system, you can simplify routine tasks and focus more on the things that need your immediate attention. 
If you are looking for consulting service management ERP, Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.


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