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Education institutions are rapidly expanding over the past few years. From time to time popular educational institutions are increasing their branches, which is leading to the mushrooming of hostels to facilitate student accommodation solutions.

Until now, Hostel management or adaptable property management was considered to be the most tedious process as it demands a huge workforce and time. In reality, the system isn’t equipped for handling a huge volume of data, coming from operations like Hostel Details, Room Details, Student Records, Mess Management, Room Allocations, and Hostel Attendance.

As a matter of fact, Data coming from these operations are repetitive in nature. In other words, Failure in handling this data efficiently may lead to data redundancy and chaos in the entire system.

Pragmatic Techsoft has developed hostel property management software in Odoo. And the best part, it can be customized to meet the tailormade requirements of your hostel.

Features of Odoo Open ERP Hostel Management

  • Create admission register to initiate admission process
  • Set fee details, time duration, deposit policy, billing date & other details
  • Complete Student information in just a click
  • Housekeeping activities for particular room
  • Allocation of resources for Housekeeping activity based on date and time
  • Set a Deposit Payment policy
  • Configure different Hostel Floors, Amenities, Rooms, Services and Activities and assign for particular Hostel
  • Generate the complete Folio for the student in Hostel management
  • Auto generate rent Invoice for students on set frequency
  • Maintain Inventory for Housekeeping SKUs
  • View all the Hostel allocation details on a single screen of Calendar based on day, week, month
  • Reporting based on Admission History for Hostel

Module Configuration

Odoo Hostel Management Module is one of the best software for academic institutions because it’s easy to configure and implement. To get an overview of the dashboard or order a Free Demo kindly  click here

Benefits of Odoo Hostel Management System:

By all means, the Odoo Open ERP hostel management system offers a plethora of benefits that enable smarter management of the hostel. Here are the key benefits of the hostel management system

  • Room Allocation Made simpler
  • Smarter Rent Assessment
  • Secured Visitor Management
  • Mess/Canteen Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Notifications
  • Fee collection
  • It is less time and effort consuming
  • It makes the process of updating the data is fast
  • It automates mundane tasks
  • It secures the data of the students
  • It reduces the manual work of management
  • It enhances the reputation of the educational institute

Want to speak to us about Odoo ERP?

Why Choose Pragmatic Hostel Management ERP Software?

We strive to provide the best Odoo hostel management modules for the changing requirements of the industry globally.

Pragmatic Techsoft has many years of experience providing services in open ERP hostel management solutions. We have helped academic institutions streamline their administration efficiently through advanced automated systems. With our proven software products and technical support system, you can simplify routine tasks and focus more on the things that need your immediate attention.

If you are looking for Odoo hostel management software, kindly click the below button.


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