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Odoo has globally proved its mettle in boosting business efficiency. With every iteration, users were introduced to higher performance and a better interface. The arrival of Odoo 16 has been anticipated for quite some time now and for a good reason. From what we have learned so far, Odoo 16’s new features are bound to surpass expectations.

Let’s understand how the expected features of Odoo 16 will refine the business administration.

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Knowledge Module

The knowledge module is quite similar to Wikipedia. Users can share their knowledge resources (articles, case studies, etc.) within the organization. Since the knowledge module is interconnected with other functions, it can be a valuable tool for improving the organization’s internal communication. Users can easily access this informative resource center.

It is available in the enterprise version. Using this knowledge module, users are able to create new articles, updates, and share them with different people.

  • Richer HTML editing!
  • Knowledge App organizing and article link widgets will be VERY handy!
  • It also makes it easier to work with columns, ratings and signatures!
  • The one many people miss is the Checklist.

Website Builder Module

Odoo 16 website module comes with greater customization choices than the previous versions. The front-end and back-end modules are integrated to offer better control and useability. Customers can expect additional modifications in terms of configuration settings, user management, and other critical components of the webpage.

Accounting Module

Keeping track of credit limits for multiple clients will become simpler with Odoo 16’s accounting module. The credit limit functionality is added in the accounting module.

Accounting →Configuration →  Settings → Sales Credit limit

In the customer’s configuration, the total receivable will be updated based on the transactions, and the partner limit will be set. If the limit is extended of the order, then the invoice system triggers and gives an alert.

A/R Payment Automation

Email Reminders

  • Bank sync
  • Payment handling
  1. Create the payment
  2. Check eligible payment discounts
  3. Write off the expense
  4. Pay down the invoice

Of course, digitizing invoices will be a default component to expedite accounting procedures. Industries that routinely experience high-volume transactions can tremendously benefit from this feature.  

Moreover, a reconciliation widget has been assigned to this module. This widget intends to make the reconciliation process faster and easier.

Marketing Module

In the latest version, email marketing gets a significant makeover. The most notable upgrades in the marketing module are –

  • Create a new mailing from the previously saved lists
  • Edit global attributes of the mailing list all at once
  • Save and reuse filters for future mailings
  • Import your contacts and mailing addresses

Besides these features, customers can expect a bunch of fresh email templates for effective campaigns. Odoo 16 marketing module will also enable users to operate Twitter from its social marketing module.

Sales Module

Coupons and promotions are incorporated under a single platform in the Odoo 16 version. 

Sales → Products → Coupons and loyalty

Earlier, coupons and promotions were separate functions which raised a few misconceptions amongst the users. In Odoo 16,  all are centralized on one screen. The single platform attribute will simplify the administration process to enhance the focus on promotional programs.

The triggers and rewards are also added. Able to control when the promotions/ loyalty points will apply.

New payment provider ‘Mercado Pago’ is introduced. A new option to take digital payments in Latin America. It is the region’s largest online payment platform.

E-Wallet is also included in the list of new features which was missing in the previous version.

Payments and eCommerce

New payment acquirers are added to offer additional payment alternatives to the users. Customers can also be refunded through the system. Major modifications in the eCommerce setup are underway to streamline online selling. Apart from this, there will be enhancements to the purchase module and mass mailing tools for an efficient user experience.

Inventory Module

The inventory module has been furnished with upgraded shipping methods, force backorder, and other vital features for convenient inventory management. 

Reception Report

Reception report feature is added. The functionality can be used to view and allocate received quantities before validating the receipts.

Inventory → Settings

In the Receipts, the Allocation toggle will display. Once the user clicks the toggle button, it navigates to the allocation page.

Click the Assign button and allocate the quantity to the delivery transactions. 

Automatic Batches in Deliveries

‘Automatic Batches’ feature is added to automate the batches based on the configurations. 

Inventory →  Settings → Operations

Operation Type

Select ‘Automatic Batches’ then all the parameters will be displayed.

After configuration, the sales order will be created and the delivery order will be auto-created with the Batch smart button. 

If we click the batch button, we will be able to see the auto batch creation details based on contact.

Control Backorder Transactions

Backorders will be controlled using the configuration in operation type.

  • There are three types of control: Ask, Always and Never.
  • If the user selects Ask then it asks to create a backorder.
  • If the user selects other than Ask then it does not create a backorder.

Reduce Warehouse Scanning Mistakes

The Barcode App is smarter and knows:

  • What you have already scanned
  • What you should scan next
  • When you have to scan lots/serials
  • What is optional and what is required

Under the inventory module, customers can also monitor the replenishment visibility days using the replenishment management function. 

Purchase Module 

In the odoo 16 version, the purchase history option is newly added in the lines of purchase order. It’s a good option to see the history of the purchases based on vendor and products.

Sign Module

The Sign Module allows contacts to refuse to sign the document for a specific reason.

  • They sign before us, or vice-versa
  • Template management
  • Green savings report
  • “My” requests
  • Refusing to sign
  • Multi-company
  • User email signature

Manufacturing Module

In the manufacturing module, the allocation report feature is added to view and allocate manufactured quantities for delivery.

Manufacturing → Configuration

Once assigned, the manufacturing item is added to the delivery transaction.

Manufacturing Production Schedule updates

  1. Selecting
  2. Specific Warehouses
  3. Importing
  4. BoM Smart Button Linking

Chatter Functionality

Ever wanted to automate sending CHATTER?
Now supported via:

  • User-defined buttons
  • Data events (create, update, delete)
  • Document events (create, update, delete, X time after create)

Job Application Form

A more engaging Job application form!

BONUS – no need to pay for the  Recruitment App!

Analytic accounting

Analytic Plans to distribute income, expenses and labour.

Measure margins on any number of dimensions!

  • Job profit
  • Project ROI
  • Campaign value
  • Product line margins

Live chats

Live Chats are also available in Odoo 16

Emoji Updates

MRP Module 

One of the many new advanced features of Odoo 16 is the allocation reports for manufacturing. Customers can track the live status of their manufacturing order at any stage of the production. Furthermore, there is provision to split and merge orders along with a dedicated subcontracting portal.

Employee Module

The Employee module empowers users to conduct employee assessments, monitor performance, track productivity, and perform data analysis. The module can save and provide data on employee activities to enable better workforce management.

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  • Odoo 16 is better equipped for performance and enhancements than its predecessors.
  • Modules such as sign, time-off, employee, and website, incorporate other micro functions and features.
  • The new website builder module integrates both back-end and front-end interfaces.
  • A consolidated platform is provided for advertising and coupon management.
  • You can retrieve and copy-paste emails, or create a new one with the same content.
  • Sign module allows you to change the person’s role or check the ecological saving.
  • You can maneuver the approval process as per the organization’s requirements.
  • Updated shipping operations provide exact customer locations and tools to control shipping delays.
  • You can communicate procedural details with the advanced chatbot.

Overall, the Odoo 16 system will be strategically interconnected and accessible. User experience has been enhanced with easy accessibility to tools and features. More advanced features and tools are being developed that will be available to users soon…


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