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Odoo 13: Field Service Management App for managing Field Workers

Odoo’s field service management app is a unique web-based Odoo system and mobile app built with an aim to serve on-field service requirements by assigning work/task to an on-field serviceman. It offers an option to list down all your services into a mobile app for quick and easy service requests. The in-built reporting system gives a complete overview of the jobs and its progress status.

Now users who work on the field have a feature of managing their task in Odoo 13. Odoo 13 introduces a new app for field workers in the industry. So now task and project can be used for field workers. Workers for on-site services such as home fieldwork, parts repair, repairing services, delivery of products, installation, and construction, etc.. can use Odoo 13’s upcoming feature field service for their management.

Let’s Have a look for how Odoo Field Service App is Useful.


Planning in Field Service 

  • In Odoo field service app, user can easily plan their tasks and activities.
  • User can filter tasks user-wise and project-wise.
  • User will also be able to see their tasks day-wise, week-wise and month-wise.


Create Task in Field Service

  • In creating task, user have to add a title for a task, customer name and their necessary details, set project and add worksheet template.
  • This task on project stored information about worksheet on task.


Add Worksheet on Task

  • User has to add worksheet on task.
  • Use can design its own worksheet template or use a default worksheet template.
  • worksheet have information about contact person and customer signature and contact person information, etc..
  • Before a user can worksheet he/she has to start a timer on a task because of that time shows the spent time. after that user can add worksheet on task.

Add Products

  • User can add products on using Products button.
  • Added products show on products button user can see on task.
  • User can add Multiple products on task.
  • After adding products on task the user can stop the timer using the Stop button on task.
  • It will show you spent time on task.


Spent time Display

  • After adding products on task the user can stop the timer using the Stop button on task.
  • It will show you spent time on task. and the user can add a description of their work.
  • User has to save it after that they can generate quotation as well.


Quotation and invoice on task

  • User can add new quotation on task and it will add a new quotation button on task and display quotation available on task.
  • On validate quotation, User can Create an Invoice for that quotation and it will display on that task.
  • User can create a log and send a message to customer using Log Note and Send Message.

In case you want to implement Odoo field service management app for your business, get in touch with us


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