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Odoo Loan Management – Advanced

“Odoo Loan management – Advanced” module is blend of all important functionalities like manage different types of loan, different calculation modes, issued loans, loans with installment repayments with accounting entry, annuity repayment, possibilities for entering special repayments and many more options with it. Following are the key features of improved loan management module developed by Pragmatic.

  • System helps you to create customized loan periods
  • Provision to define loan products at user ease
  • Provision to define EMI calculation method as Flat or Reducing
  • Flexibility to charge loan fees on Monthly, Yearly and on Loan Tenure  basis
  • Allows user to offer grace period for Principal , Interest and fees to be charged
  • Provision to set late fees calculation method along with allowed grace period for repayment
  • Flexibility to generate repayment schedule based on Disbursed / Sanctioned amount
  • Provision of loan disbursal in tranches
  • Repayment schedule can be set on Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly basis
  • Provisions to capture collateral’s against loan application
  • Provision to save scanned documents against each loan application
  • You can keep track of all installment received from a customer with accounting entry
  • Create Loans in Odoo using Unlimited Variables (Rate, Duration, Principal Amount, Setup fees, processing fees, late fees etc.)
  • Powerful Amortization Schedule Calculation Engine (Up to 2 decimal places accuracy)
  • Compliance & Audit Reports
  • Manage Loan applications and Approvals

Loan Period Interface

User can define loan periods i.e. 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Yr , 2 Yr ….. etc as per company’s requirement. This corresponds to loan tenure in months.

Proof Types

This master allows user to list down different document names that can be accepted by the company  as a proofs of identity irrespective of loan types. These documents will be linked to loan types to define mandatory / Non mandatory documents.

Collateral Types

Collateral Types master will list out all the collateral’s accepted by the company (irrespective of loan type) against loan application

Loan Component Configuration

This module offers flexibility to define loan fees components with sequence of repayment and grace period to be applied for each of the loan component. Sequence shall define what is to be reconciled first from the given loan components at the time of repayment.

Loan Application Form

Loan Re-Payment Basis

This module allows flexibility to generate re-payment schedule based on either Sanctions amount or Disbursed amount.


Loan Re-Payment Frequency

User can allow applicant to pay on Monthly, Quarterly, half Yearly and Yearly basis. According to the re-payment frequency payment schedule shall change.

Loan Disbursement in Tranches

Many a times applicant does not need full loan amount at a time. In case of home loans disbursements are made in tranches with small amount. This module helps to disburse loan amount in tranches with a validation that disburse amount should not be more than sanctioned amount.

Loan Installment Details

Loan installment details will give details of Principal, Interest and Fees amount against actual EMI, due EMI and outstanding EMI respectively.

Loan Collateral Details

In this tab user can list out all the collateral documents against each loan application



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