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Odoo Migration Services from Pragmatic: Helps your Business become more Efficient

Important as it may, migrating your old Odoo versions to the newer and better ones is quite a tedious and complex task. One misstep and it can cascade to disrupt the whole framework.

This is why having a good Odoo migration company by your side is so important. And this is why hundreds of businesses entrust us for Odoo migration.

As one of the growing Odoo ERP companies, Pragmatic Techsoft is here to help you migrate from Odoo old versions to a new and better version. Not just Odoo, we can help you to migrate from your legacy ERP to Odoo ERP as well.

Odoo ERP conveys the nimbleness, versatility and speed to do what’s most vital to run the business when looked even with the uncertain future.

Pragmatic is a well-renowned Odoo Migration services provider, helping SMEs and enterprises migrate their old ERP database and customized modules from the old versions to the newly-released Odoo version. Our team of experts is technically adept to handle the entire process, end-to-end, with unmatched efficiency.

Every migration project we undertake syncs with a pre-defined roadmap, as well as your unique needs and requirements that helps us deliver quickly and perfectly all the time. Our techniques are hands-on and proven, vouching to keep your data completely secure.

Why should you go for Odoo Migration?

  • Get new, quality and upgraded features.
  • As the cost and spending weights increase, with Odoo you can be sure that will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Run the workloads that push your business forward.
  • If your implementation and budget requests are expanding, it’s a great opportunity to migrate.
  • Rapidly meet business sales and other needs.
  • Keep pace with moving markets and changing business needs.

7 Challenges Usually faced during Odoo Migration:

1. Custom Modules Upgrade

One of the biggest challenges during migration is to migrate the custom modules and upgrade it along with Odoo base modules. We need to merge our custom addons in a place where the migration script is running.

2. Sequences in custom reports

After migration, there are some reasons why few sequences go missing. We need to check those sequences and create it, execute it if needed.

3. Unnecessary JS creates problem

Unused Javascript files after migration has to be removed immediately otherwise it will not allow some modules to work with. For example, Kanban view in Employee module click event failed once for our client due to unnecessary js files in source folder.

4. Uninstall some modules

For example, Odoo CE V11 is not having accounting module since it is integrated with invoicing module. So after migration we need to uninstall from apps and delete the source from physical folder to avoid problems.

5. Python Version Updation from Python2 to Python3

Odoo CE V11 runs completely on Python version3 where few functions mentioned below needs to be modified for its compatibility

  • Unicode formatter is now str
  • Basestring is now str
  • Cstring with bytesio

6. Improved UI

With every upgrade, Odoo keeps getting a better user interface in more than one aspect. And when it comes to better UI, easy functionality is the first thing that comes to our mind. Yes, it has excellent functionalities with some enticing features given below:

  • Facility of effective scheduling of next activities.
  • New design with color coding for different functions.
  • Customized real-time reports.
  • Flowcharts having drill down facility.
  • A side chatter for wide screens.

7. Web / Base Module

Heart of Odoo server is with web and base modules. Once migration is done, we need to completely upgrade our web and base module which will resolve all dependencies to run your Odoo on its latest version.

Odoo Migration Process are of 2 Types: Legacy Framework to Odoo ERP and Odoo ERP version upgrades

– Legacy System to ERP

Organizations are unaware of the innovation or frameworks that do not have the features to help business operations, and can’t scale up to a developing client base.

Pragmatic would comprehend the requirement for change and will enable you to update your frameworks or applications so as to profit your business by advancing the correct blend of existing (Application Management) versus new innovative Odoo ERP (Migration, Enhancements).


Steps we follow when we move from your Legacy Framework to Odoo ERP

  • Backup the Legacy System: Although we don’t deal with the real server of the Odoo ERP, we back it up. That is how cautious we are with customer’s data.
  • Send a test lab or pilot venture: we utilize a test-lab way to access the Odoo ERP.
  • Move the Modules: We additionally re-make modules that never again exist or that were uniquely designed.
  • Data transfer: We relocate that information while taking care of the changes in the database foundation, to the new Odoo ERP.
  • Test the ERP: Although we constantly test the ERP all through the procedure, we do the last test when the entire ERP is relocated. This test enables us to settle those little bugs that we missed while taking a shot at the ERP.
  • Odoo ERP version migration/upgrades.

We have a strong expertise in Odoo ERP migration for higher versions that can give benefit and effectively move existing ERP applications or inheritance applications to open source without affecting information element, usefulness or business process/stream.

Our group of ERP experts/designers ensures the smooth relocation of information and applications with their thorough testing and approval.

Process of Migration to a Newer Version of Odoo

Our process allows to migrate Odoo from older to newer versions of Odoo, while current data is kept intact. It’s possible to migrate Odoo to any of the newer versions, but the migration must be done for each version in the chain of versions.


Odoo 9 → Odoo 12:         Odoo 9 → Odoo10 → Odoo 11 → Odoo 12


Types of Migration:

  • Migration of Odoo without any 3rd party modules and customizations. Quick migration where only official Odoo modules are updated.
  • Migration of Odoo with 3rd party modules and/or customizations
  • Necessary to check and update the code of 3rd party modules (if the code for requested Odoo version is not available)
  • Necessary to check and update the code of customizations and custom-build modules
  • Code update must be done before the data migration starts
  • Odoo oficial modules are migrated according to standard process

To update your Odoo to the next version, following are two main areas for consideration:


1. Version Migration

2. Code Migration

How Odoo Migration is done: 

  1. Customer provides source codes of customized and custom-build modules with the list of 3rd party modules used in current version of Odoo together with copy of current database for migration. Pragmatic will provide an update of customized codes (if necessary) and data transfer to the new database.
  2. Extra time related to database connection and communication with customer must be considered.

How soon would Odoo migration function begin?

After getting the information from you, we will start to survey your system and afterward send you a thorough report.

How the Migration Result will be Delivered?

  1. Pragmatic will provide updated codes and database to customer for checking the result (any changes made by customer during the migration process will not be reflected).
  2. Pragmatic will provide updated codes and database to customer for checking the result (data and functionalities) according to process mentioned in point 1. Migration will be repeated again after the first migration is checked and accepted by the customer. This process will ensure that actual data in database will be passed to new Odoo version.

NOTE: Time needed for code migration depends on the amount and type of customizations and modules which must be converted to new version.

Odoo Migration time also depends on inherited Odoo modules used in customized code because the Odoo basic modules were changed and updated during development of its versions, which can affect the degree of complexity of migration process (some modules from older Odoo versions could be removed, changed or split to new modules, views could be removed/updated).


Why Choose Pragmatic?

Pragmatic is a highly trusted Odoo ERP Migration company.  

  • Seamless experience of working with businesses of all types
  • The qualified team of professionals who have done this countless time
  • We leverage advanced and proven techniques that assure a superior outcome
  • High priority to the safety and security of your data
  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed with 24/7 support available
  • Superior Odoo migration services at highly competitive pricing

In case you want to get an ERP migration done from us, get in touch with us



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