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Drawbacks in Odoo ERP we hope will be Fixed in Odoo 13

“Nothing is perfect but everything is beautiful”. Odoo ERP also falls in the same category where users have come to a conclusion that Odoo is a fantastic piece of software that can solve most of the business problems. However, as the quote mentions nothing is perfect, Odoo also has some drawbacks.

The best part is that the team at Odoo is very responsive to feedback and tries to improve on their software whenever a drawback is pointed out by the user. Every year in October, Odoo releases the latest version of its software with new features and benefits.

Let’s hope this year in October 2019, with the release of version 13, Odoo fills in the gaps pointed out by some agile users.


Given below are some of the drawbracks as mentioned on some software review sites and also as observed by us.

  1. We jokingly mention sometimes internally that Odoo is in a bad mood whenever there is slow Internet connection. Odoo displays an error or makes a rare behavior. But by refreshing the page, most of the times, it gets solved.
  2. The HR module is going to be enterprise only from Odoo 13 and some users don’t understand the logic behind this decision. They also commented that Odoo has a pretty big learning curve and the descriptions of each operation needs to be simplified so people easily understand each feature.
  3. Odoo’s review of the Community Edition: Odoo has a relatively big learning curve. Setup and initial configuration is crucial. There is a need to choose between mySQL and Postgresql as some hosting providers does not offer Postgresql. Some minor frustrations is the fact that an invoice can only be created after a quotation, then an order. It would’ve been much better liked if the user would have been able to enter an invoice without a quote or order; for example monthly regular contractual invoices. Let’s hope this gets resolved in Odoo 13.
  4. Next, recording expenses is cumbersome – expenses are recorded either through the employer expense module (which is not always related to an employer, like rent), or through billing. Either way, you need to create a “product or service” for expenses before entering them. Where and how you enter them, also affects your expense reporting. The users would want more reporting options like traditional desktop apps. Besides, the customer support for the Community Edition are limited to the forums and some manuals for older editions.
  5. Odoo can run slow, if you don’t take a little time to tune up the server it’s running on, and use enough memory, caching, and ideally an ssd. There’s a lot of database access happening. Upgrading to the new version is not easy. It would be great if the people at Odoo could make upgrading a simple do it yourself automatic task, one click of a button, that would not require human attention for 2 weeks.
  6. Some users feel that localization needs customization which again requires investing money. Besides, must have functionalities are moved from community to enterprise form Odoo version 9 onward till odoo 12. For example, accounting reports have moved to Odoo enterprise.
  7. Incremental updates are not provided to the existing versions. The pricing is kept different for different regions. Specifically, the document management features could have been better even-though they released a few more functionalities in Odoo 12.
  8. Documentation for the developers needs improvement. Most documents and answers are not centralized but scattered between Youtube, Odoo Community and GitHub although they have an official training portal.
  9. There is a suggestion where Odoo can still evolve on marketing automation features. The support could produce video examples on various concrete cases related to the marketing automation module.
  10. Odoo ERP touches all the areas of management of a company, it has some areas with some weaknesses regarding the competition such as human resources, payroll and adjustments in the configuration of some countries that do not have a lot of presence in their community. Although it is very intuitive and is designed to facilitate user use, knowledge must be available about the processes in question in order to explore the full potential of this suite.
  11. Some people who wish to implement Odoo ERP find it difficult to source technical and functional experts. Also, people feel that Odoo ERP can be difficult to learn and maintain without an IT department.
  12. According to Indian Accounting standards, we think that Odoo has to do more deep analysis and provide the functionality to their end-users for ease of use. Also, Odoo have to increase types of graphs that provides graphical data. Sometimes data structure seems to change from version to version and this may become confusing for the user, specially when functionalities are being impacted at the same time.

These are some of the drawbacks, actual real-time users have faced when using Odoo. Let’s hope that people at Odoo are listening and would come up with some solutions to the above given points with the release of their next version, Odoo 13, at their flagship event Odoo Experience 2019.

Pragmatic is heading out for Odoo Experience 2019. In case, you want to meet us you can drop in an email to us at You can also hire our experts to implement Odoo for your business.


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