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Odoo OpenERP 7 Cloth and Fabric Trading

In this module Pragmatic tried to capture basic features and flows which are included in Textile indusctries order management process. In Text tile industry Sale order are manage in different way that our default flow. Here Sell Order has more stages and more player are invoilved in discion making. In this Module we have focuse on Following things:

1.A Company can have multiple selling points (shops) in given territory and sale discount allocated to each shop varies.
2.Customer will order sample of product (cloth;carpet;fabric etc) befor actually placing confirm order.
3.Tracking of sample flow right from its request to confirmation.
4.Get stock confirmation from supplier.
5.Tracking of Sell order states from New to Back Order or Invoice Due so that user can handle high prority order first.
6.Percentage or Fix amount sales commisions to shops.
7.Product Handling thorugh SKU or Design code/Color combination.


Now Lets see these features in Details 

 1. Product 
  In this Product is combination of Design Number and Color . These two factors produce a Unique Name or SKU to Product which act as identifir to it. 

You can also specify supplier details on product form  

 2. Sell Order 

  We have customize present OpenERP sell order form to show more information on it.  

 2.1 CFA Request 

  CFA is a sample request for customer . CFA request is generated from sell order Form itself . When CFA sales personell request CFA on behalf of customer a new record is created in Warehouse for supplier (assuming supplier has aceess to warehouse module). Supplier sees new CFA request and send sample to cusomer he can also specify his comment on same.  

CFA status also be monitored from Sale Order. 

 2.2. Product Availability 
  When Ever a Order is created in system one request is generated in Warehouse regarding Reserver Request which is nothing but product availability request to supplier once supplier change state of Reserve Request to Available at very moment sell Order Satus is change to RES-(Reserved) 

 2.3 Order/Release 

  Once Order is in RES state sales person can mark that order as finale order and make payment entry for same. Some time he can skip payment and idrectly reale order and collect payment latter on (as per business rule)  

 2.4 Back Order 

  Some time product ordered is not available with supplier which changes sell order state to Not-Available. If customer is ready to place Back Order he has to pay 40% of total order amount upfront.  

 2.5 Commision Handling 

  Each shop gets their commision based amount of sale they done either in percentage or fixed amount  

 2.6 Delivary of Product and Closing Order 

  Once product is delivered to customer and full payment is done againt that order order get Closed  


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