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Odoo OpenERP 7 Hijri Calendar

Due to the vast domain and and its flexibilty amoung various nations ,OpenERP’s current adoption of Gregorain Calender can’t be confined to ease its expliotation. Localization (globalization) of OpenERP has led to the essence of developing of widgets(sub-modules) that can potentially be adapted to various languages and regions.As we know different countries have different economic conventions, including variations in local Holidays,TimeZones,Jot representation etc , where it become mandatory to have local Calendars for meeting their Business Requirements.

Apart from Gregorain calendar their are many diffrent calendars used throughout the world synchronized with the cycle of the sun or the moon, infleuenced by Solar or Lunar Revolution and Rotations.We have tried to implement OpenERP 7 Widget that provides implementations of various world calendars and other additional functionality related to the calendars.Several world calendars can be implemented in OpenERP 7 .Here we are Depicting only the Demo of islamic calendar:

Islamic Calendar(Hijri Calendar) :
Commonly known as Hijri Calendar synched with moon(lunar) and mostly followed in all Muslim countries, orginated since AD 622 during the time of emigration of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, known as the Hijrat, occurred.There is no year zero, time scale goes like 1 BH (-1) was followed by 1 AH (+1).Leap years follows after every 30 year cycle.Each year has 12 months of between 29 or 30 days and 354 or 355(leap year’s) days in total.The week is starts with Yawm-Ahad (Sunday) and ends with Yawm As-sabt (Saturday).The first month of year is Muharram al Haram(المحرّم) and ends with Dhū al-Ḥijja(ذو الحجّة).The current Islamic year is 1435 AH,(AH) prefix used with Hijri Calendar dates for differentaition.

Below screen-shot shows Islamic calender integrated in OpenERP 7 .
The Calendar is Designed in such a away that it displays the hijri dates as digits and the name of months and days in Arabic language.(That Can Be further customized To More then 50 Languages including English,Persian,Urdu, Thai , Nepali , Ethopian , Julian, Hebrew and Hindi). The Calendar works same way as the inbuilt Gregorian calendar does.


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