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Odoo OpenERP 7 Master Production Schedule – Make to stock in OpenERP

Master Production Schedule module is designed to help manufacturers develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources and acheiving Advanced Planning and Scheduling. MPS for Make to Stock enables to Schedule the production against stock. MPS balances machine capacity and aknowladges labor to develop a realistic plan of action to move production through various operation steps. The user benefit is that generated schedules are realistic and achievable on the plant floor because the production constraints on the plant floor are considered and modeled.

Key Features
1) Track each Production Order through each respective routing step and know where each part should be at any particular time.
2) Keep track of all required resources for each manufacturing step and know the availability of each resource at any particular time.
3) Represent time in a detailed manner (e.g. minute by minute). Machine run time can be defined as – per hour
4) Schedule orders (i.e. manufacturing steps) only when resources are available.
5) Detailed working Time for work centers.
7) Consideration of preventative maintenance (Resource Leave) and other machine down time in Scheduling.
8) Can be Scheduled for any of the month
9) Routing selection is provided at the time of Schedule generation
10)Multiple Tentative Schedules can be generated and changed before freezing it.
11)Multiple products can be scheduled in one Schedule Plan
In OpenERP we have developed the module for managing the MPS.
Pre requisites for MPS are BOM, Operations, Work centers, Routing, Resource Working Time, Reasource Leave (Down Time).

MPS Record
When we created a MPS record to schedule the product 2909 Assembly, either we can plan for a month or for entire year.

Schedule Details
When we schedule after entering the quantity, we got the following schedule details with the advaced scheduled date and time along with the resoureces. So it gives us scheduled start date and scheduled end date considering the in between operation timings.

When we confirm the schedule it gets freezed and the concerned Manufacting Order gets generated.

When we confirm the Manufacting Order, corresponding Work orders gets generated for each of the operation.


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