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Odoo OpenERP 7 – Subscription Management

Subscription module is useful for recurring profile for service organizations where they have to generate no of docs with a specific frequency i.e. monthly, weekly etc. It gives you the flexibility to set your reference document as a template which can be used recursively for different clients to generate the repetitive documents like invoice, orders etc.
To achieve this we have customized subscription with extended functionalities:

1)Create New Template for each object:

* Get the reference of Subscription Doc;
 Here Subscription doc may be Sale Order and Invoice:
 If doc is of invoice, then user will select the type of invoice in ‘Invoice type’ (customer or supplier invoice).

2. Use this template in Subscriptions:
* Filter templates based on source document:

If selected template is invoice then filter partner based on invoice type:
** Customer will filter if type of invoice is customer invoice
** Supplier will filter if type of invoice is supplier invoice
* If selected template is sale order then all partner will show

* If ‘notify by mail’ is active then partner will receive notification of created invoice doc.
* We can select payment term and write notes/description in notes tab

* If ‘validate’ is inactive then invoice doc will create on ‘draft state’

* If ‘validate’ is active then invoice doc will create on ‘draft state’ and also ‘validate’

* We can update order line in ‘template details’ tab based on our requirement:


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