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Odoo OpenERP 8 Medical Management System

Odoo Openerp Healthcare management System By Pragmatic Techsoft is now avaliable in The latest Odoo Version.

The business side of your medical practice requires a level of competence and reliability that can be attained only by years of experience. Ours system frequently allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payors, perform billing tasks, and generate reports.

The desktop-only variety is intended to be used only on one computer by one or a handful of users sharing access. Client-server software typically necessitates that the practice acquire or lease server equipment and operate the server software on that hardware, while individual users’ workstations contain client software that accesses the server.

Using cloud technology , our system is a complete solution.

The user can access system from anywhere and everywhere provided he has access.

 1. User can Create Patient with information like Diseases , Socio-Economic conditions , Lab Tests , General Information , Medication , Lab Tests etc.

 2.Patient Family records can be created where in all the members of one family can be added in the records.

 3. Appointments can be created for the patients.

 4. Related Pediatric Symptoms checklist evaluations can be added in the Appointments.

 5. Prescriptions related to the Appointments can also be added.

 6. Records of the patients admitted in the hospitals are created. In this , information like Diet and Nutrition of the patient , care plan etc are added as well.

 7.Intensive Care Unit Details of the patients like
 a. GCS (Glasgow Comma Scale)

 b. ECG ( Electrocardiogram )

 c.APACHE ll Score ( Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation 2 Score )

 8.New Born Record can be created in which details like Neonatal Signs and Symptoms , Neonatal Reflex check etc can be recorded

 9. Imaging : Imaging requests can be created and results are added in the systems. Result images can be attached

 10. Archives are created where the details of the instruments borrowed is maintained.

 11. Surgeries : In surgeries we maintain surgery details of the patients.

 12. Domicilary Unit : In domicilary Unit , the address of teh patients is stored.

 13. WHO growth chart : For children , pediatric growth charts are maintained.

 14.Invoices for the services provided in the hospital can be created. They have direct effect in the balance sheet.
A) Lab tests invoice.

B) Appointments to be invoiced.

 15. Many reports can be printed by the system. These help in Efficient Decision making and Management of the hospital.
 A) Medicament list Report.

 B) Appointment Evaluation per doctor report.

C) Appointment Evaluation Per medical Center Report.

D) Appointment evaluation per prescription Report .

E) Appointment search.

F.Patient Evaluation.


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