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Odoo OpenERP HR Performance Management

The primary reason to make sure performance management processes are functioning properly is to tighten the link between strategic business objectives and day-to-day actions. Effective goal setting (including timelines), combined with a method to track progress and identify obstacles, contributes to success and bottom line results. Regularly tracking progress against performance goals and objectives also provides the opportunity to recognize and reward employees for performance and exceptional effort, contributing to job satisfaction and productivity. Employees want to feel successful, to do well at their job and feel they are making a valuable contribution. In order to ensure this happens, employees need a clear understanding of individual goals and how they fit into the larger organization. The Pragmatic Performance management software solutions offered can provide goal visibility across entire organizations, offer extensive reporting options and can reduce paperwork by as much as 90%.
When effectively implemented, performance management best practices result in a wide range of benefits for employees, managers and companies.
Following are some of the features of Performance management.

1) Create questions for the questionnaire.

2) Create Performance objectives per job title along with the weight-age.

3) 360 degree questionnaire for evaluation are created.

4) Goals for the performance evaluation can be created.

5) Goals can be assigned for performance Evaluation.

6) 360 Degree Evaluation questionnaire can be set for the Employee. This can be done by the HR or by the Manager.

7) Separate Process flow for both – Fixed term employee and for Permanent Employee 
a) Fixed Term employee

b) Permanent Employee.

8) The manager can view the subordinates Performance Evaluation forms.

9) Competencies for the employee can be defined.

10) IPF score of the Employee is entered by the manager based on his performance.

11) Based on the IPF score and inputs from the manager , the bonus is computed

12) Performance Management module can be used for Goal Evaluation . Specially when there is set of task defined for certain period of time.

13) The performance evaluation can be done – monthly , twice every month , annually as per company policies.

14) This module can also be used while taking following decisions 
a) increase in package of employee
b) Finding the skills of employees
c) Evaluating the weakness and strengths of the employees etc.


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