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Odoo OpenERP Repair Management

The wide array of features of this OpenERP Product makes it apt for the Repair Vertical. It encompasses many important features which makes it suitable for use of the Vendors present in the Repair Vertical.
This OpenERP Repair Module would help the vendors in Effective & Efficient management of the Vehicle Repairs of any type like Cars, Trucks, Motor Cycles etc.

  • User Friendly Reports which would help the Repair Vendors in better Monitoring & Decision Making. It includes the reports like;
    • Tracking of Spare Parts used in the Vehicle Tracking.
    • Work Hours spent by the Technicians in the Vehicle Repairs.
    • Vehicle Repair Analysis Reports.
    • Financial Reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet etc..
    • Cost & Revenue Reports over any of the Vehicle Repairs.
  • Efficient Management of the Repairs of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles etc…
  • Ability to allocate the Spare parts & Man hours consumed in the repair of Vehicles like Cars, Trucks, etc..
  • Provision to create different Warehouse Locations.
  • Allows the Repair Vendors to Properly manage their Spare parts present across different Warehouse locations.
  • Provision to generate & view the location wise inventory reports of different warehouse locations.
  • Allows the Repair Vendors to view the movement of spare parts across different warehouse locations.
  • Efficiently handles the Repair Orders received from the Customers.
  • Efficiently handles the Purchases of Spare parts & materials useful to Repair Vendors for giving the Repair service of Vehicles to their Customers.
  • A unique Multicompany feature of the Product helps the user in effectively manage all the Repair Centres present across different Geographic Locations.

1) Spare Parts Consumed in the Repair Project.

2) Workhours Consumed in the Vehicle Repairs.
3) Repair Task Analysis Report
4) Repair Task.
5) Vehicle Repair Parts.


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