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Odoo Partners USA: Helping you Grow your Business with Odoo

So, after you’ve zeroed down on implementing Odoo ERP for your Business, how do you choose the right Odoo Partner USA for your organization? How do you sort through their marketing and sales hype? And how can you tell which Odoo Partners USA will be with you for the long run and which will disappear after the sale?

These are just some of the questions IT executives face when evaluating technology solutions to business problems.

Following are the eight suggestions regarding what questions to ask and how to figure out which Odoo Partners USA best fit your needs –

  1. Figure out what it is you really need. If you know what you want, ideally separated into a must-have list and a nice-to-have list, it will be much easier to figure out if a given Odoo partner USA and his strategies fits your business and to resist shiny things.The solution provided by the Odoo partner USA must align with the goals of the business and must meet the needs of stakeholders and should not be the other way round, where the business has to compromise its needs to fit the solution provided by the Odoo partner. Therefore, it’s critical to determine the business requirements before you start interviewing Odoo partners.
  2. Check the Odoo partner’s credentials and certificates. When evaluating Odoo vendors and technology partners look into their background. How long have they been in business? Are they growing or downsizing? It’s also important to look for strong capabilities and credibility. Do they have partner certifications? Do they have an engineering team to focus on product/solution development?
  3. What do their other customers have to say? Ask the Odoo partners for references. Happy clients will gladly share their experiences with you. When speaking or emailing with customers, be sure to ask: How long have they been a client? How has this Odoo partner addressed their specific needs as a company doing business in their specific industry? Is the customer service team responsive and knowledgeable? In addition, we also suggest you to search the web for reviews, both positive and negative, of the provider.
  4. Can it scale? CIOs should ask about and understand the level of customization and scalability an Odoo partner USA solution offers. As companies expand into new markets [or grow], their solutions should be able to scale accordingly.
    The last thing CIOs and other technology decision-makers want to be faced with is the need to re-evaluate and invest in a new solution two or three years down the road, when the existing system can’t handle the company’s emerging needs.
  5. Check for hidden or additional fees. Look for hidden costs in the contract, such as additional fees for in-person training, document management services, setup or annual maintenance fees in addition to the monthly support costs.
    Also, watch for provisions that allow the Odoo Partner to increase fees during the course of the contract — and see if there are provisions that would allow you to get out of a contract after six months or a year if the system is not working for you.
  6. Who gets custody of your data in the case of a separation? It’s a fact of life that even if you love your Odoo partner, someday you may need to leave them. Some vendors try shady tactics by holding your data hostage (as if they own it!) or charge an exorbitant amount to sway you from leaving. So before you license any Odoo, ask the partner what happens if you leave and how you would get your data back. Expect to pay something, especially if the data was encrypted, but it shouldn’t break the bank.
  7. Take a test drive. Before committing to a new Odoo solution, be sure to kick the tires. Most companies offer a free trial to test features, benefits and usability. Then, during the trial, make sure that Odoo meets all the requirements, features and functionality needed by you. And don’t be afraid to ask the Odoo partner questions. You’ll want to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your company over the long run.
  8. Agree to key performance indicators (KPIs) before signing a contract. Work with your potential Odoo providers to create key performance indicators (KPIs) prior to signing any contracts. By putting KPIs in place upfront, both parties will know what needs to transpire to make the Odoo implementation a success. A successful implementation will lead to a trusted partnership between the CIO and Odoo provider that can last a lifetime.

4 More Questions to Ask Odoo Partners

  1. Will Odoo integrate easily with our existing systems? The last thing you want to find out after you have spent a lot of time and money on new Odoo is that it doesn’t work with your legacy systems, especially when you thought it would.
  2. How easy is it to set up and train users? Most vendors will provide training. Make sure it’s included with the implementation costs.
  3. How will you support me after the sale? Do your homework and make sure the vendor has been around a while.
  4. How are updates and upgrades managed? Updates should be cloud-based for ease of installation, and ideally they should not disrupt business.

Some Odoo Partners USA –

Well Egg

Well Egg’s goal is to make business transitions successful and seamless. They work with you as a team in finding the best solutions for your business, while helping you reduce stress levels caused by change and be comfortable while easing into each transition.


Xetechs – USA

Xetechs are a team of consultants whose main objective is to be your strategic ally in the process of digital transformation of your company. They build custom solutions to adapt to your specific needs. Take complete control over your business. Transform your data into a valuable company asset. Improve your customer satisfaction levels.


eComchain Inc.

eComchain delivers a unique B2B ecommerce solution that is infused with the latest B2C features customers demand in order to enhance their experience while increasing sales with decreased costs. Typical B2B customers see a ROI of less-than one year. eComchain goes further, and enables B2B companies to share their powerful ecommerce solution with their multi-tiered and/or branded distribution channel.



RSSBus provides high-performance, reliable, and fully-extensible products that simplify the process of producing, consuming, and integrating data. RSSBus enables a simple yet effective layer of middleware that helps users drive information flow without the added complexity that is common across other integration solutions.


Restyn, Inc

Restyn, Inc. is a Mid-Atlantic, Maryland-based, USA Odoo partner, focused on empowering our clients throughout the United States by leading them into a more effective use of technology. They consider every dollar you spend on technology as if it were their own. Restyn cuts through the obscurity of your vendor jungle, helps you implement and integrate technology solutions, and puts your data to meaningful use.



RMinds is a fast-growing “entrepreneurial IT” firm, with offices in Texas, New Jersey and India, serving a global clientele. Rminds firm is the result of a merger between one of the leading technical recruiting and placement companies with a full-service IT development and delivery firm. The result is a partner-driven group of professionals, delivering world-class technology solutions, to a variety of industries.


Systems Services, Inc.

Founded in 1979, Systems Services continues to be focused on solutions to your particular business needs. Systems Services has been a family owned and operated for over 37 years. They are experts in ERP Software, Point of Sale Software, Development, and implementation. With their help, your business will save time, reduce costs, and automate your workflow. Their team of professionals will work with you from minor improvements in process to complete Business Process Re-engineering.

Why Pragmatic is the Right Odoo Partner?

Outsourcing is the best way to boost productivity and let experts manage your business with sheer efficiency. If you choose the right partner for your technology requirements, you can ensure that the decision produces real and measurable results.

We at Pragmatic consider three factors in every project we undertake –

  • Quality- we can’t compromise on.
  • Time- There is no tomorrow.
  • Budget- Which will fit as per your requirement.

Our approach and flexible delivery model made us the first choice Odoo implementation partner for many of our clients. We provide much needed digital stability to your business needs. We empower digital transformation with enterprise mobility solutions, web and mobile applications, network security systems, infrastructure services and IT consulting.

Let’s collaborate and transform this world together. Book a FREE CONSULTATION now with one of our Odoo experts to understand more. Contact Here. or drop in an email at 



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