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Running a Restaurant becomes Easy with Odoo Restaurant Management Module

In the present situation, there exists heightened challenge among the restaurant business, as every now and then new eateries and restaurant outlets are mushrooming around the spot. Directly from serving choice indulgences to regal vibe for their clients, the restaurants consistently endeavor to stay side by side of innovations in exhibiting the best friendliness ever. The restaurants stay tuned in putting themselves in front of their rivals for their sustenance.

Therefore, restaurants are getting into steady improvements on how they can influence their menu, bestow their everyday tasks, direct their publicizing and other internet based life advancements, and in particular how they improve their client’s feasting knowledge. In the occasion, the restaurant needs to shuffle inside enormous quantities of things perceptible all around.


Be that as it may, how can one guarantee their restaurant’s success? 

It’s a matter of concern.

Here comes the job of a restaurant management software. There is no uncertainty that the best restaurant management software can improve your client experience, lift your business portfolio and produce more business income. It is a demonstrated articulation that operational challenges regarding store management, billing, point of sale, financial management, and payroll can be streamlined with a great restaurant management software. How?

Let’s understand in detail.


First Factor Is Enhancing the Client Experience

A restaurant is a service industry, hence first impressions matter. For any restaurant to run easily for long occasions, the mystery sauce is a demography of cheerful and fulfilled clients. Be that as it may, how would you get them? Here we go-

Extra ordinary client care starts with the relationship of all staff people – the executives board, floor chief, gourmet specialists, cooks, vendor, clerk, server, and so forth. For an effective restaurant run, each employee should be committed and make each and every customer feel regarded and welcomed. This is straightforwardly proportionate to customer consistency rates and their dining background.

Odoo, the open source ERP programming has been in the spotlight directly from its start for powerful restaurant management capabilities. Odoo has carved its specialty in changing the manner in which a restaurant or eatery can be run. Odoo restaurant POS system comes in vigorous and comprehensive patterns dealing with each need relating to restaurants, bars, food court or a bistro.

Odoo Restaurant Management system accompanies an easy to use interface incorporating exhaustive functionalities like:

  1. Table and Floor management
  2. Item or Menu management
  3. Quick Billing
  4. Online Ordering Facility
  5. Invoice Generation
  6. Stock Management
  7. Purchase Management
  8. Offline support
  9. Bill Splitting
  10. Bill Printing Before Payment
  11. Tips management
  12. Kitchen Order Printer

Also, Odoo restaurant management system comes compatible with the standardized identification scanner, swiping machines and cash drawer box. To help the business, Odoo additionally envelops video arrangement for designing posbox with the Raspberry Pi board, setup of POS sessions for printers, virtual keyboard, and most important function i.e. support for different payment methods.

In particular, the combination of other administration modules like Point of Sales, stock and accounts management makes it the best restaurant management system in all viewpoints. Odoo for restaurants hence fathoms in making better choices on food menus, sales targets, business income, customer counts, employee management, inventories and the sky’s the limit from there.

Odoo for restaurants ensures that all operational and money related information are in balance. Likewise, the reconciliation of cash area by-area and creating the imperative bookkeeping exchanges is made less complex here in the Odoo restaurant management system.

With the floor and table administration work in Odoo, the restaurant can overemphasize their image and sustenance. Odoo POS empowers you to get a simple and fast diagram of your restaurant floor and table requests. 

Odoo’s floor plan can get you the data about pending requests, the accessible number of tables on the floor, the accessible number of seats on each table, the number of floors and more. One can likewise design multiple floors, arrange tables on the floor, add more seats to the table under Odoo POS. These highlights help the restaurant to oblige any number of clients that drop into their space.


Better Marketing and Publicity Increases Footfall

This is the period of marketing and advertising. There exists a huge level of clients who quest for the best restaurants in the city before visiting. They scribble down the timing, services, menu, signature dishes, and special offers before settling on their eating choices. All things considered, if your restaurant bombs in offering expanded menus and loyalty programs, it is probably going to hamper the customer retention or the number of customers that drop by.

With Odoo Restaurant management system and POS, one can bring in loyalty projects like customer loyalty cards – where the clients can gain or redeem their points, offer discounts on a specific measure of bills, place specific offers in festive seasons or timings and that’s just the beginning.

These dedication programs, thus, improve customer service to a more noteworthy degree. Odoo restaurant management system in this manner helps the restaurants in displaying powerful marketing strategies for better placing and sustenance.


Effective Stock Administration and Menu Estimating

Effective inventory management and menu assessment can lessen asset wastages. The real-time stock movements in the store room and handling of right requests in the kitchen can lessen the wastage of resources. Odoo restaurant software helps your restaurant in gaining both.

Odoo for restaurants empowers designing a customizable menu for drawing in many clients and its easy management by staff. With Odoo restaurant software, the restaurant can segregate the menu in terms of starters, soups, main course, salads, sweets, beverages and refreshments and more.

This helps in keeping everything sorted out and streamlined for the staff to showcase the best hospitality. What’s more, Odoo for restaurants additionally helps in writing down the client’s inclinations, their allergic concerns, special requests and more.

The staff can in this manner effectively process the client’s requests and send them over the kitchen and bar printers immediately. Soon the order is placed with Odoo restaurant software, the kitchen printer straightforwardly sends the order details to gourmet specialists and cooks to start their cooking.

With inventory management function, Odoo helps in acquiring real-time update on store inventory. One can trigger automatic tracking and controlling of the inventory, helping in elimination of excess inventory or resource wastages.

The restaurants can take strategic decisions on item reordering by means of examining past deals information with Odoo for restaurants. Keeping in a note the rising interest and inclinations, the restaurant can pre possess themselves with adequate inventories in their store room.

To wrap things up, restaurant management under Odoo comes completely integrated with Odoo applications like Email advertising where you can spoil your clients with unique offers and sale notifications. Besides, the Sales application for problem free client invoice generation and E-commerce for branding is the icing on the cake of the Odoo restaurant software.


Odoo Restaurant Management System offers:

  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Efficient track performance
  • Better business decision-making
  • Efficient control over restaurant expenses
  • Identification and addressing of issues at the store and corporate levels
  • Tablet based order generation
  • Full touchscreen interface
  • Customer Reservation
  • Waiting queue and table allocation
  • Join/split tables
  • Automatic Menu Generation by category
  • Product customization on order
  • Inventory management for the raw material per dish
  • Kitchen receipt management
  • Configurable product description picture and product properties
  • Cook wish dish queue with touch screen interface
  • Customer and loyalty points analysis
  • Cashbox management and credit card payment tracking
  • Waiter attendance management and time tracking
  • Various analytical reports with graphical presentation
  • Pre-defined restricted access for waiter manager and admin
  • Payroll management


More about Odoo Restaurant Management Software with Odoo POS

Each business looks to discover the product which covers every one of their needs and make their business gainful. Essentially, for Restaurant business, a great POS framework is required which encourages them in proper working of work from table management to stock management.

Restaurants come in such a large number of assortments, and every one has its set of necessities. This can make looking into for a proper restaurant management system confusing, and the actual purchase decision much harder. There are, nonetheless, a few things that each restaurateur from speedy assistance right to fine dining, should search for when picking a restaurant POS software.


Benefits of a Restaurant POS Software?

Speed and Simple to Utilize: 

The restaurant business is one that requires speed. A slow system can be maddening to waiters, managers, or cooks. It’s the speed in a restaurant POS that stretches out to convenience, an intuitive design, and fast hardware too. A couple of moments here and there can have a gigantic effect on the service, the food, beverages, and eventually the productivity of the establishment.


Detailing for your Business: 

Point of Sale must show history on your orders, payments, deliveries, customers, employees and other representatives. By utilizing this data in the system, it assists you with running a superior business. Likewise immediately show what is selling and who is purchasing. What’s more, a dashboard demonstrating constant information to drive deals and benefits higher.


Inventory Management: 

A restaurant POS system with inventory management features allows you to monitor each ingredient and item sold. This goes far to guaranteeing profitability and long haul achievement.


Adaptable and Adjustable: 

POS system must be adaptable and adjustable as per the necessities of business and updated with the latest technology.


Features for Odoo POS in Restaurant Management Software

  • Work offline and online. Odoo POS stays reliable even if your connection lost.
  • Easy billing feature that supports multiple currencies and payment methods.
  • Easily split bills.
  • Lets you quickly overview your restaurant and jump from floor to floor to your table’s orders.
  • Clear layout and easy table management on the floor.
  • Compatible with any hardware.
  • Integrated inventory management. Real-time control & accurate forecasts to manage procurements.
  • Void bill generation in case of canceled orders.

With such a large number of highlights of Odoo POS, you can without much of a stretch appreciate Odoo POS system with a clean and intuitive UI. Give your customers a positive encounter by improving your services and keep them returning by offering loyalty cards and rewards.

In this manner, Odoo Restaurant POS system can improve your Restaurant management software and help you from multiple points of view to build benefits for your business. Consistent combination of all processes through the best Point of Sale application guarantees lesser time spent on conflict management.

In case you want to implement Odoo Restaurant Software or Odoo POS for your restaurant or eatery, please get in touch with us at


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