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Manage Human Resources Better with Odoo HR Management Module

Odoo HR management module combines varied functions to confirm simple management of human resources, business processes, and data. Human resources software is employed by businesses to mix varied HR functions, like storing employee information, employee relations, payroll and benefits, recruitment processes, benefits administration, and recordkeeping. Odoo HR ensures everyday human resource processes are manageable and straightforward to access.

Odoo ERP manages all enterprise wants like human resource management, accounting, client relationship management, warehouse management, inventory, sales conjointly purchase etc. It is a set of enterprise application enhancing the potency of business solutions.

Noted here are the potentialities of Odoo Human Resource Management. Everyone knows that HR plays an important role in associate degree enterprise for identifying the correct resources, retaining   them and utilizing them to the core in favor of the organization.

Let us see how Odoo HR Management Module helps in expanding the Horizon of Human Resource Management.


1. Managing Employees became Easy:

With Odoo HR module, one will simply scan and assemble the main points across many organizational departments. It helps you to set privileges over the data distribution among HR professionals and also the public. Odoo HRM thereby takes care of every minute aspect of human relations. The pop-up notification for brand new leave requests, request for allocation, appraisal application makes the interior communication clear and efficient.

2. Monitor Time & Attendance Effectively:

With Odoo HR module, it’s straightforward to track information related to employee details particularly the operating hours. Odoo HRM makes it straightforward to sort the information based on project, client, tasks or the other titles. One will access statistics to record and analyze timesheets and thereby check every employee’s attendance. Integrated accounting automatically posts reports supported time spent on projects providing real-time information.

3. Manage Leaves Correctly: 

Odoo human resource management module eases the task of leave application. Once the employee completes the request application, Managers are enabled with the choice of viewing them and thereby attempt to approve or refuse time off requests. Just in case if the manager approves the request, a timely notification is distributed to the employee and their calendar is updated automatically.

4. Efficient Expense Management:

Odoo HRM allows workers to submit their expense details. Managers are supplied with a choice to check all details of expenses and either approve or reject in an exceedingly single window. Once approved, expenses are right away updated in Odoo Accounting.

5. Easy Employee Evaluation:

Odoo HR helps uphold the motivation of employees by doing regular evaluations of your employees’ performance. It ensures timely access to human resources thereby bringing benefits for employees and business.

6. Recruitment:

With the implementation of Odoo Human Resource Management module, job posting does not remain a tedious task. It allows job postings in few clicks and conjointly keeps track of submitted applications. With Odoo HRM one will simply supervise and manage your individual pipeline with any headache.


To be more precise, here are some more features of Odoo Human Resource Management System.

1. Manage:

a) Employee profile creation:

Odoo HR can gather all pertinent information about an employee in one place.

b) Contract management:

Odoo HRM can keep a track of your employees’ standing, job titles, contract types with dates and their schedule.

c) Timesheet Management:

Odoo HR module can manage weekly and monthly timesheets and conjointly track the time spent by your employees on every project assigned.

d) Attendance Tracking:

Keep track of your employees’ attendance. With Odoo HR module, managers will simply report employees’ monthly/daily attendance with the menu entry and state.

e) Leave management:

With Odoo HR module, the HR manager can easily manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days.

f) Dashboards:

With Odoo human resource management module, you get a dashboard per manager.


2. Collaborate:

a) Enterprise Social Network:

Odoo HR allows you to follow employees and documents, be a part of discussion teams, share files, and chat in real time.

b) Gamification:

With Odoo HR you can style challenges, goals and rewards with clear targets and objectives to drive engagement and reward your employees’ performance.


3. Integrations:

a) Recruitment:

  • You can easily manage your hiring process with Odoo HR: Organize your vacancies job applications.
  • Odoo HRM lets you flip candidates into employees in mere one click.
  • Track job offers: Observe the channel that drives most applications and gather them in Odoo.
  • Customise your recruitment process: produce your own hiring strategies. Outline your own stages and interviewers in Odoo HR
  • Application management is made easy in Odoo HR management: Index resumes, track candidates, search profiles.
  • Integrated Surveys: outline your own online/offline surveys.
  • Fully integrated with Odoo Apps.

b) Expenses:

  • Easily manage employee expenses in Odoo HR.
  • Save time on expense reports: Everything in one place with Odoo HR management module.
  • Stop losing receipts: transfer all receipts directly into the expense record.
  • Share the work between departments: Get everybody concerned to save lots of time.
  • Fully integrated with Odoo Apps.

c) Appraisals:

  • With Odoo HR, you can set periodical employee evaluation: Strengthen your company’s key asset: employees
  • Odoo human resource management system helps in building the correct appraisal system.
  • Design your own survey: Use templates or produce them from scratch in the Odoo HRM.
  • Odoo HR is fully integrated with Odoo Apps

These and a lot more features are available in the Odoo human resources management system which can ease the working of your HR department. Get in touch with us at in case you want to implement the Odoo HRM in Odoo 13 in your organization.


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