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Odoo Studio Best Practices: Make the Most Out Of Your Database

Odoo Studio is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, applications in the Odoo Verse. In simple words, it is a customization application that tailors the database to specific needs. Let’s discover some of the best practices of this application.

But to really understand what it really does, we have to understand its underlying infrastructure, i.e. the Odoo database structure. At the base, we are running things on Postgres. That means there’s a huge spreadsheet that withholds all of your data that is lying still.

To bring this data to life, we have to connect it to the ORM (Object Relational Mapping) server. What this does is, it catapults the data from the base to the surface (front end) whenever required. So, with Studio, we are able to have an impact on the front end to adjust things, views, fields, etc.

Now let’s understand how is the data structured in this space.

Whenever you write a quotation, do an invoice, or manage a lead in your CRM, you are operating within a model. A model is nothing but a spreadsheet with pre-defined fields and columns to store your records.
When should we use Odoo?

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