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Odoo Studio: Build Custom Applications in Odoo without a Developer

Odoo Studio is an intuitive user-friendly app builder with drag & drop blocks, making creating apps easy with or without developers skills very easy.

Odoo Studio allows you to build your own apps without needing to have any coding knowledge. It can be used completely for free as a standalone app or as part of a business suite. You can design the apps you want and you can do it in minutes rather than weeks.

You can install Odoo Studio for free from the Odoo website and immediately start creating your own apps.

For those who are “techie”, the app comes with a developer mode that has extra features dedicated specifically to developers; XML editor, technical features, etc.

What does Odoo Studio do?

Helps you build any custom application in a blink of an eye!

It will allow you to create holistic custom Odoo applications without Python programming knowledge. Moreover, you can develop your own models, actions, views as well as menus with this. Creating Custom Odoo Applications wasn’t that easy!

Increase your Custom Odoo Apps with the Automated Actions!

It is the most beneficial thing that Odoo Studio offers, as it provides you the ability to write you’re your actions in Python. Add in a full XML editor as well as custom views.

Top Reasons for using Odoo Studio

It can become a strong tool for building customized Odoo applications. There are so many benefits of using Odoo Studio, below mentioned are some of them.

    • Build data models without writing codes

When it comes to designing an application in Odoo your core point would be data models. With this app, you can create models by using an eco-friendly web interface without adding code. Even if you are an expert developer, typing code takes a lot of time. By using Odoo Studio you can get your models up quickly as well as get to work on the difficult parts of the application.

  • Create basic lists, views and forms without using XML with the Web Designing Tool
    You can create custom views as well as modify existing views in Odoo without using XML code. While the editors are limited, you can prototype application rapidly as well as run it without XML code.
  • Create powerful & easy to use custom views with the built-in XML editor
    When a user develops a custom application in Odoo the XML is stored in files which are loaded into Odoo database. This built-in feature allows you to easily customize views in with same flexibility you would have a standard Odoo application. You can utilize Odoo Studio’s for building an application as well as will also have the ability to create the same strong views in XML.
  • Create Custom automated actions with Odoo Studio
    Odoo Studio gives you complete ability to tie into the custom Python methods. It allows you to develop powerful business applications in Odoo within the Odoo Studio.
  • Export application & utilize it in another sort of Odoo installations
    One of the major benefits of Odoo Studio is that you can easily export your custom application into a plain zip file. Then you can easily import the custom application into other Odoo instance. Unlike any other developer tool that modifies models, actions and views of Odoo instance; the Odoo Studio develop new views as well as modifications within their custom application structure.

We are offering you an Odoo Studio user guide for you to download. This user guide will give you all the information required by you to start working on Odoo studio.

Besides, in case you need a custom application developed using Odoo studio you can get in touch with us at


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