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An Experienced Odoo Consultant can offer you Best Odoo Support According to your Needs

Pragmatic follows a comprehensive approach to offer you expertise oriented Odoo consulting after analyzing your project’s and organization’s requirements and your key objectives.

Communication is one of the most imperative aspects of our Odoo consulting services. We indulge in regular communication with our clients to ensure that no stone is left unturned in their requisite specification and requirements.

Our Odoo consultant communicates with clients to understand the vision of their organization and how they want to shape their Odoo implementation in the future. After understanding all the aspects carefully, we provide them best quality Odoo consulting services that can aid their organization grow and leverage best of Odoo ERP.

Writing specifications and definition of requisites are one of the vital key phases in an Odoo implementation project lifecycle. It often becomes quite strategic to separate this phase and carry it out individually from the rest of the project in order to get it covered by external consultants.

We enable you to define your requisites and specifications accurately to establish a highly thorough design analysis, background technologies analysis and a deep-delved analysis of organizational objectives. This enables your organization to have an external opinion that is not related to the development phase in it and thus freed from any cost related preoccupations.


Who can be called a Best Odoo Consultant?

Once you have selected to go with Odoo as the ERP of your choice, its proper implementation is important. It involves numerous tasks like hiring the best consultants, figuring the right implementation plan, getting the implementation done and much more. The right implementation of ERP underlines the efficiency of a business, thereby significantly affect the future performance of a company.

Many Odoo projects have go haywire and witness failure due to their wrong choice in selecting a good Odoo consultant. One has to understand that only a good consultant can get you with the right software suiting your business needs.

This article helps you to keenly analyze the importance of a good Odoo consultant for your business and how their involvement matters in turning an ERP implementation into a success.

Firstly, while choosing an Odoo consultant, make sure the consultant is worth in experience, planning and implementing the successful Odoo project in the past. The best Odoo consultant takes care of many things right from training the team members, facilitating the communication between the decision maker and the implementation team, and most importantly, he makes sure that Odoo is the right solution for the current business needs.


Let’s see how an Odoo Consultant can bring about Changes in your Business

  1. An Odoo consultant improves the efficiency by eliminating poor communication. Most of the times, in organizations employees fails to pass crucial pieces of information to each other on time and this results in loss of crucial resources like orders loss, customers not receiving calls back and even sales falling through. An Odoo ERP implementation via Odoo Consultants helps you to overcome such troubles in your business. An Odoo consultant unites all business functions, making one piece of software into which all information is saved and processed which results in good communication within the industry.
  2. Are your processes time-consuming on account of manual data entry or repetitive tasks? An Odoo consultant can help you implement Odoo that will automate all business tasks, reduce errors from manual entry and also the workload of employees. For example, implementing Odoo in manufacturing industry can orderly generate sales orders, invoices, and financial forecasts automatic.
  3. When each department operates in silos while managing their functions, the processes become complicated and time-consuming. With Odoo ERP software implementation done by an Odoo consultant, all information is entered into one single database, bringing every departmental communication under one single roof. The centralized information system initiates a free flow and quick access to the relevant data whenever required.
  4. With the help of a Odoo Consultant, you can better know your customer base. Odoo ERP comes with CRM module, helping you to track the customer records, allowing employees to keep records of transactions and communications against each customer, thereby initiating the right decision towards them on time.
  5. A successful ERP implementation by an Odoo consultant gives you the flexibility to access information about the company, initiating better and good business decisions. An Odoo ERP allows you to pull reports on any data within the system.

Pragmatic Techsoft houses a team of expert Odoo consultants who can provide complete implementation and integration services in Odoo. We offer a perfect blend of functional and technical services catering to all business needs.

Kindly contact our team if you are in the selection process of an Odoo ERP software for your organization or in case you need an Odoo consultant. You can drop your message to


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