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Odoo9 Manufacturing Management System

Company has developed many features in Odoo 9 Manufacturing Management module which helps in supporting and accelerating the business. This Product comes with many features like Sales to

Configuration To Use complete functionality of Manufacturing Management we need to configure.

  1. Routings
  2. Operations
  3. Properties
  4. Property Group
  5. Work Centers
  6. Resources
  7. Plant
  8. Working Time
  9. Resources Leaves
  10. Warehouse management
  11. Product Categories
  12. Delivery Methods

Manufacturing -> Configuration -> Routing
Here you can define all routing related to your manufacturing business which will be again linked with operation and its sequence.

OperationsManufacturing -> Configuration -> Operations
User can define all Operations of its company here at this location.

Manufacturing -> Configurations -> Properties

Property Group
Manufacturing -> Configurations -> Property Group

Working Time
Manufacturing ->Manufacturing -> Configurations -> Resource -> Working Time
User will define the resource time which is getting utilized for any manufacturing related work.

Resource Leaves
Manufacturing -> Configurations -> Resource -> Resource Leaves

Warehouse Management
Manufacturing -> Configurations -> Inventory -> Configuration -> Warehouse Management -> Warehouses

Product Categories
User can define all type of product categories at this location.

Delivery Methods
All Delivery methods which are used in company can be defined here at this location:-

Sales Order
User will raise quotation at following location and can be process it to Sales Order:-
Sales -> Quotation

Master Production Schedule
You need to select the option either ‘Make to Order’ or ‘Make to Stock’. If you select ‘Make to Order’ then system allows selecting the Sales Order which you can link while for ‘Make to Stock’ works as Forecasting.
Here we are selecting Make to Order and select our SO which we have raised in earlier topic.

Now Go to Manufacturing -> MPS -> Schedule Details

User has to select Confirm button it moves to Manufacturing order.
Manufacturing -> Manufacturing -> Manufacturing Orders

Select your Sales Order and click on ‘Delivery’

This complete the cycle of sales to despatch with Manufacturing business.


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