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Odoo 9 Pathology Lab Management System

With Odoo 9 Pathology Lab Management System, Pragmatic has launched another new and advanced Product in the field of Pathology Lab Management. This Product comes with many features like Patient information Management, Appointment Management, Laboratory Management, and Invoices Management.

Following are some features of Pathology Lab Management.

1. Lab Testing Unit are pre-configured in the system.

2. Lab Testing Types are pre-configured in the system

3. Patients details can be maintained along with Lab Tests Undertaken.

4. Patient Appointments for lab test can be booked.

5. System manages the details of the entire Pathology clinic.

6. Details of all the Physicians related to Pathology clinic are maintained.

7. Medical Specialities are also managed.

8. Lab Requests are managed in the System.

9. Lab Tests Results are managed in the systems as well.

10. Reports in Appointment

11. Patients Report

12. Lab Test Result Report

13. Pathology Clinic Report


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