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Pragmatic OpenERP Fleet Management and GPS tracking system

Pragmatic Fleet Management and tracking system (Open Source GPS Tracking System) is intended to provide a generic back-end web-based service for querying and viewing GPS related data. It is desgined to operate independently of any specific GPS tracking device or protocol, but comes with support for several device protocol formats (such as OpenDMTP – Open Source Device Monitoring and Tracking Protocol).It is specifically designed for use in small to medium sized commercial enterprises wishing to take advantage of GPS tracking for “fleets” of vehicles. However, Pragmatic Fleet Management and tracking system is highly configurable and scalable to larger enterprises as well.


  1. Track Fleet, Employees
  2. Multiple users

    GPS tracking device independent: 

    Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously.
    •   Android smart phones
    •   GPS data logger with automatic Wi-Fi upload, for in-cab Windows-based computers.
    •   “NetGPS” capable devices.
    •  Most TK102/TK103 tracking devices (those using the common TK102/TK103 protocols)

        Customizable mapping service

        1. Support for OpenLayers/OpenStreetMap in addition to support for Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and Mapstraction (which provides mapping support for MultiMap, Map24, MapQuest, and more)

        Customizable reports

        Detail and summary reports can be customized to show historical data for a specific vehicle, or for the fleet.

        Vehicle associated with GPS device


        Vehicle History



        Real time vehicle position




        Fleet Management

        Key Features

        •   Maintainence of Fleet history including all the relevant details of the Fleet like Model No., Engine Volume, Seats, License Plate, Fuel Type, Registration details, etc.
        •  Maintains a complete record of the Driver details like Name, Driving License, etc.
        • Maintainence of Insurance Details.
        •  CMMS (Computerized MaintainenceMangement System) for recording & analyzing various maintainence activities of the Vehicle.
        •  Management of Fleet Maintainence Contracts including the Fleet Maintainence, Quotation, Fleet Maintainence Orders & its Invoicing.
        •   Fuel Tracking which would help in monitoring of Fuel consumption.
        • Odometer Statements specific to the vehicles.
        •  Configurable Master Data including Vehicles, Service Templates, Service Tasks, Insurances, Fuel Type, Driving Licences, etc.
        •  Accounting Module to meet all the financial & billing needs of the company. Its closely integrated with all other modules.
        • Sales Module to manage all the sales transactions of the company.
        •  Purchase Module to manage all the purchase transactions of the company.
        •  Warehouse Module to manage all the Inventories & Warehouse requirements of the company.
        • Provision to generate the Work Orders for maintainence of the equipments& assigning the Spare parts required.

        Variety of Customizable Reports like

        •    Vehicle Reports.
        •   Fuel Consumption Reports.
        •   Driver Reports.
        •   Fleet Maintainence Reports.
        •  Odometer Statement Reports.
        •  Financial Statement Reports like P/L(Profit & Loss statement), Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance.
        •   Invoice Reports. & many more such type of reports.


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