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Pragmatic Quickbooks reports

Get all of your reporting managed in one click!!!

We are here with a perfect requirement for today’s need that will help user to get the reports managed faster than ever before!!!!

In order to have usage of this functionality, user need to have pragmatic_quickbooks_connector installed on their server.


  • Quick view of quickbooks reports without need to login to quickbooks
  • Get a detailed report with proper formatting

The simplest way to view quickbook reports with Odoo!

Here is the key to do that:

In quickbooks there are multiple types of report entities,the following two types of reports can be synced with odoo

1. BalanceSheet

The information below provides a reference on how to query the Balance Sheet report from the QuickBooks Online Report Service.

2. ProfitAndLoss

The information below provides a reference on how to access the Profit and Loss Summary report from the QuickBooks Online Report Service.

In order to have the functionality of reports, here is the procedure that needs to be followed :

After installation of pragmatic_quickbooks_report

Go to Apps->Invoicing

Click on Reporting Tab

Depending on your requirement you can also select Accounting methods which are of two types:Accrual and cash.

Under Quickbooks reports you will be able to find two options that are related with quickbook i.e

  • Quickbook Balance Sheet Report
  • Quickbook Profit & Loss Report

Select the date period for which you want to generate the report and click on Generate report button

The same applies for Profit & Loss Report


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