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Pulling Data from multiple Magento Stores in to OpenERP

Magento OpenERP connector is a very useful tool to integrate Magento stores with OpenERP. It allows exports and imports of product catalog and orders. This allows users to pull data from Multiple Magento sites in to OpenERP. One can differentiate between the products and orders coming from Multiple Magento stores. This is really useful for clients who are running multiple stores and can manage all of them via single OpenERP instance. The following shows how to configure this.


1.Here we have created 3 Stores and 3 Websites.

  1. Main Store – Main Website
  2. Pune Store – Pune Website
  3. Mumbai Store – Mumbai Website

2. Here are 3 different Categories for different Stores.

  1. Root
  2. Pune
    -Pune Sub
  3. Mumbai
    – Mumbai Sub

3.   Here We created different Products for different Stores and Websites. (You can see the Website Column in Screenshot)

4.   After Importing Data from magento to openerp you will find websites.

5.   Products after Import.

6.   Products view in Perticular Store and Website.


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