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Running OpenERP 6 on Amazon EC2 Cloud

Cloud computing is a very effective platform for deploying OpenERP 6. We have deployed OpenERP 6 on Amazon EC2 for our clients. This blog gives an overview on how to set things up. We have got OpenERP working on Amazon EC2 cloud AMI running Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit.

1.  Go to, and select Sign-up Now. Sign in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one.

2.  Go to, and select “Sign Up for Amazon EC2”.

  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Complete your signup for the Amazon EC2 service. 

    3. On the thank you page, select “Create a New X.509 Certificate”. Note that if you already have an X.509 certificate you are only able to download the certificate itself, not the private key. If you no longer have the private key you will need to generate a new X.509 certificate.

    • Select “Yes” to create a new certificate.
    • Download your Private Key and Certificate file.

      4. Launching your first instance: There are already pre existing Ubuntu images which you can use directly. You will need to login in to the EC2 console and launch a new instance.

      5. Select the Community AMI tab and search for the Ubuntu AMI’s. You can find For Ubuntu 10.04 Server edition look here

      6. On the next screen select the type of instance Small, large or Micro. Please note that the Micro instances are free for 1 year for new customers.

      7. The next few screen goes for advanced AMI image options. Select the default.

      8. Select the Key pairs you created. If not create one. You will then need to download them to your machine to access your instance.

      9. Next select the Security Group. You can create a new security gtoup or select the default one. Please note that this is a very critical step as by default most of the ports are blocked on your instance except SSH port.

      10. follow the steps and then you will be able to launch your Amazon EC2 instance. Please note that if you have set the key pair correctly you will be able to ssh to your instance

      11. You will be able to get the IP address of the instance on the EC2 console in the details section. You can ssh to your instance.

      12. Follow the standard instructions to install OpenERP 6 on Ubuntu, For more details look here

      13. Once OpenERP 6 is installed you will need to go and edit the Security group and allow inbound port 80 or any other port access.

      14. Your instance Amazon EC2 public IP keeps on changing so it is better to buy an Elastic IP which is more of a static IP to access your instance.


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