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Attract, Retain, and Delight more customers with CRM and Sales in Odoo

Odoo CRM and Sales management modules make it easier for businesses to manage their customers and sales. With Odoo, a business can simply track the workflow from start to the end. The CRM module helps businesses manage leads, opportunities, and customers without any hassles. The sales module helps organizations manage the sales quotations, orders, price lists, etc. The best thing about Odoo is that all the modules are linked to each other and if one change is made in one module, it will automatically be updated in the other modules also, which makes the lives of ERP operators easier.

Focus on Sales, Rest Odoo will take Care!

You just have to ask your sales team to focus on winning deals, the rest will be taken care by Odoo CRM. You will get to organize your opportunities and stay focused on your best deals. Odoo CRM frees you to do what you do best: selling. Your sales team can just focus on creating and capturing opportunities. You can customize your pipeline according to your needs and drag & drop your opportunities from one stage to another. Get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.

Gather Information that Matters!

Easily access all the necessary information about each opportunity. Adapt estimated revenue and success rate. Organize your next activities and schedule meeting straight from the lead form.


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