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These are the top Cross-Selling Techniques for 2024 with Odoo SaasKit [Supercharge Your SaaS Growth]

The SaaS landscape is a battlefield, with customer acquisition being a constant struggle. But what if you could unlock explosive growth potential within your existing customer base? 

The art of Cross-selling – strategically recommending complementary products within your SaaS suite to boost customer satisfaction and skyrocket your revenue. 

However, in today’s dynamic SaaS environment, generic cross-selling tactics simply won’t cut it.

This blog dives deep into the hottest cross-selling techniques for 2024, along with how Odoo SaasKit by Pragmatic Techsoft empowers you to implement them seamlessly within your Odoo-powered SaaS offering. Get ready to transform satisfied customers into loyal, multi-product advocates!


Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all cross-selling. Customers today crave a personalized experience that feels tailored to their unique needs. 

Here’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in as a game-changer. By leveraging AI algorithms, you can analyze a treasure trove of user data (usage patterns, purchase history, support interactions) to identify ideal cross-sell opportunities with laser precision.

Imagine this scenario : a customer is crushing it with your basic CRM tool, consistently hitting their sales targets. Wouldn’t it be genius to proactively recommend an advanced marketing automation module that seamlessly integrates with their existing CRM? AI empowers you to do just that! 

By tailoring recommendations based on individual user behavior, you foster deeper customer engagement and significantly increase the likelihood of successful cross-sells.


Understanding your customer’s journey is the cornerstone of effective cross-selling. Think of it as a meticulously crafted map – pinpoint the moments where a complementary product can inject immense value. 

For example, after a customer signs up for your basic project management tool, a well-timed recommendation for a resource management add-on during the onboarding process can be a game-changer. 

Imagine the “aha” moment when they realize this add-on streamlines their workflow and maximizes team productivity.

Here’s where Odoo 17 shines – its intuitive interface places a strong emphasis on user journeys. This makes it easier than ever to map these crucial touchpoints and deliver targeted cross-sell messages at the perfect moment. 

Leveraging Odoo 17’s workflow automation capabilities to trigger a personalized product recommendation email exactly when a customer hits a specific usage milestone within your project management tool – a powerful way to nudge them towards a valuable add-on.


Remember, even the most well-targeted cross-sell opportunity can fall flat if the user experience is riddled with friction. Picture this : a customer is excited about a recommended product, ready to pull the trigger, but gets bogged down in a complex purchasing process. Frustration sets in and the sale evaporates.

This is where Odoo SaasKit by Pragmatic Techsoft comes to the rescue. Odoo, renowned for its user-friendly design, integrates seamlessly with Odoo SaasKit to streamline the entire purchase journey. 

Customers can effortlessly add complementary products to their existing subscriptions within a familiar interface, using integrated payment gateways for a smooth and secure transaction. This frictionless experience fosters long-term loyalty and encourages customers to embrace the value proposition of your entire SaaS suite.


Cross-selling isn’t just about pushing products; it’s about establishing genuine trust with your customers. A robust customer success program is your secret weapon in achieving this. Proactive customer success teams ensure existing users are maximizing the benefits of their current subscriptions. This not only fosters trust but also creates fertile ground for relevant cross-sell opportunities.

Imagine a customer success manager proactively highlighting the synergies between a customer’s existing inventory management tool and a recommended warehousing add-on. By demonstrating a genuine understanding of their business needs and the potential for enhanced efficiency, the customer success manager paves the way for a successful cross-sell that benefits both parties.

Pragmatic Techsoft helps SaaS businesses grow through Odoo expertise. 

We implement Odoo, develop a cross-selling strategy and optimize your Odoo SaasKit setup to streamline the customer journey for cross-sold products. 

Our Odoo SaasKit solution includes expert implementation, customization options and ongoing support.

Investing in our Odoo SaasKit empowers you to :

1) Effortlessly manage multi-tenant SaaS deployments : Deliver a scalable and secure SaaS experience for your customers.

2) Simplify subscription management : Automate subscription billing, user provisioning, and plan changes, freeing up valuable resources.

3) Boost customer lifetime value : Increase revenue by strategically cross-selling complementary products within your SaaS suite.

4) Enhance customer satisfaction : Provide a seamless user experience with an intuitive self-service portal for subscription management.

Contact Pragmatic Techsoft today and schedule a free consultation with our Odoo experts. We’ll help you craft a winning cross-selling strategy and leverage the power of Odoo SaasKit to supercharge your SaaS growth.

Stay tuned for more insightful dives into the exciting world of Odoo and how it can empower your SaaS business.


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