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What Are the Benefits of Using Odoo Sign for Supply Chain Agreements in the Manufacturing Sector?

Every bottleneck, every delay, eats into your profits and puts you at a competitive disadvantage. One often-overlooked culprit? Paper-based agreements with suppliers. 

The traditional route of printing, signing, scanning and emailing contracts is a cumbersome, time-consuming process.  Imagine a world where you could finalize crucial supply chain agreements with your partners instantly, from anywhere on any device.

This is the power of Odoo Sign, a revolutionary e-signature module seamlessly integrated within the Odoo 17 ERP system.  Odoo for manufacturing offers a robust suite of tools to manage every aspect of your operations and Odoo Sign is the missing piece to optimize your supply chain workflows.

This blog delves into the numerous benefits of leveraging Odoo Sign for manufacturing supply chain agreements. We’ll explore how e-signatures can significantly improve efficiency, enhance security and boost collaboration within your supplier network.


1. Expedite Contract Finalization

Imagine the time saved by eliminating the physical exchange of contracts. With Odoo Sign, you can upload your agreements directly within the Odoo platform and send them to your suppliers for electronic signatures. This streamlines the approval process, allowing for faster contract finalization and quicker project initiation. 

2. Enhance Security and Compliance

Paper-based contracts are susceptible to loss, damage and even forgery.  Electronic signatures for manufacturing contracts offered by Odoo Sign provide a robust layer of security.  Each signature is cryptographically linked to the document, creating a tamper-evident audit trail. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of your agreements, fostering trust and transparency within your supply chain.

3. Improved Collaboration and Communication

Odoo Sign facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with your suppliers. You can easily track the progress of agreements, receive real-time notifications when a signature is completed and view detailed audit logs for complete transparency. This eliminates the confusion and delays often associated with traditional paper-based processes.

4. Reduce Administrative Costs

The reliance on physical paperwork translates to printing, shipping, and storage costs.  Improve supply chain efficiency with e-signatures by eliminating these expenses. Odoo Sign provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for managing your supply chain agreements.

5. Increased Accessibility and Mobility

With Odoo Sign, you and your suppliers can sign agreements from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This flexibility is crucial in today’s globalized manufacturing environment, where you may be working with partners across different time zones.


  1. NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) : Securely share confidential product designs or production processes with suppliers before finalizing contracts with a few clicks.
  2. Quality Control Agreements : Ensure suppliers adhere to your quality standards with electronically signed agreements outlining specific requirements, streamlining the onboarding process.
  3. Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory Management : Facilitate faster approvals for purchase orders and delivery schedules with e-signatures, ensuring a smooth flow of materials for production.
  4. Non-Conformance Reports : Electronically capture and sign off on reports documenting any issues with received materials, streamlining the corrective action process and improving communication with suppliers.

A 2023 McKinsey report indicates that manufacturers can achieve a 10-20% reduction in procurement lead times by implementing digital solutions for contract management. Odoo Sign directly contributes to achieving this by expediting agreement finalization, allowing you to lock in deals faster and optimize your production cycles.


The power of Odoo lies in its integrated ecosystem. Odoo Sign seamlessly integrates with other relevant Odoo apps like Odoo Inventory or Odoo Purchase. Upon contract finalization, information automatically flows through the system, triggering automatic updates in your inventory levels or purchase orders. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures all departments are working with the latest information.


Security is paramount in manufacturing, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Odoo Sign prioritizes security with features like :

  • Two-factor authentication : Adds an extra layer of security by requiring a code from your phone in addition to your password.
  • Audit trails : Provide a detailed record of all actions taken on a document, ensuring complete transparency.
  • User permission controls : Restrict access to sensitive agreements based on user roles, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.  

Odoo Sign allows you to configure granular permissions, ensuring only authorized personnel within your organization can view, edit or sign specific agreements. This approach adheres to the principle of least privilege, granting users the minimum level of access necessary to perform their job duties.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we are Odoo specialists with extensive experience in implementing and customizing Odoo solutions for the manufacturing sector.  Our team can help you integrate Odoo Sign seamlessly into your existing Odoo 17 ERP system, ensuring a smooth transition to a paperless workflow.

We understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers and can tailor Odoo Sign’s functionalities to meet your specific needs. Whether you require automated workflows for NDAs or integration with existing quality control systems, our team can assist you in optimizing your supply chain agreements for maximum efficiency and security.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for further insights on how Odoo 17 can revolutionize your manufacturing operations. 

Connect with our team today to discuss how Odoo Sign can streamline your supply chain agreements and propel your business forward.


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