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What Are the Steps to Configure Semi-Finished Products in Odoo 17?

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You craft exquisite bicycle frames, each requiring a meticulously assembled fork and handlebar unit. These aren’t standalone products, but crucial puzzle pieces in your final masterpiece. 

Odoo 17 lets you define these semi-finished products, track their inventory and seamlessly integrate them into your production workflow. 

In the realm of ERP systems, Odoo 17 stands as a testament to innovation, especially in the manufacturing and warehouse management sectors. This version introduces enhanced capabilities for managing semi-finished products, crucial components in the manufacturing lifecycle. 

These subassemblies, integral to the production of final goods, require meticulous tracking and management. Odoo 17 offers this precision, enabling businesses to elevate their production efficiency to new heights. 

This blog serves as your guide to navigating the world of semi-finished products in Odoo 17, revealing how to unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations.


1) Reduced Lead Times 

Pre-assembling components like motor parts or electronic modules before the final assembly significantly decreases production times. This approach allows manufacturers to quickly respond to market demands and customer needs by speeding up the overall manufacturing process.

2) Optimized Inventory Management

Effective tracking of semi-finished products, such as car door panels or computer motherboards, ensures they are available when needed. This level of organization prevents overstocking and stockouts, leading to a more efficient use of warehouse space and resources.

3) Enhanced Production Planning

Accurate forecasting of sub-assembly needs, like printed circuit boards for electronic devices, prevents bottlenecks in the production line. It ensures a smoother flow of materials and resources, leading to more predictable and consistent production schedules.

4) Improved Internal Communication

A clear departmental understanding of component availability, such as the status of semi-finished goods in a pharmaceutical company, streamlines operations. This enhances coordination between departments like procurement, manufacturing and sales, leading to more cohesive business operations.


Let’s dive into the practical steps :

Step 1 : Crafting the Masterpiece: Creating the Top-Level Bill of Materials (BoM)

  • Product Creation : Begin by defining your final product in Odoo 17 under Manufacturing > Products, like a new model of a smartphone. This step involves specifying the product’s details, features and specifications, forming the basis of the production process.
  • BoM Activation : Use the Bill of Materials button to enable and manage BoMs for your products. This is crucial for organizing the various components and materials, like lenses and frames for eyeglasses, required for the final product assembly.
  • Adding Components : In the BoM, list both semi-finished products, such as pre-assembled car engines, and raw materials needed for the final assembly. This ensures that all necessary elements are accounted for and properly planned in the manufacturing process.

Step 2 : Nurturing the Seedlings: Managing Semi-Finished Product Inventory

  • Product Configuration : Define each semi-finished product, like a bicycle frame, with details like production costs and components. This involves determining the cost of materials, labor, and overheads to accurately price the semi-finished product.
  • Stock Tracking : Enable inventory tracking for real-time visibility of semi-finished product levels, such as computer chips or fabric rolls. This helps in maintaining an optimal inventory level, preventing both excess stock and shortages.
  • Reordering Rules : Implement automated reordering rules to maintain optimal stock levels. For instance, setting up rules for components like batteries or packaging materials ensures they are reordered automatically when stock levels fall below a certain point.

Step 3 : The Grand Finale – Production Planning with Semi-Finished Products

  • Manufacturing Orders : When creating orders, Odoo 17 automatically includes necessary semi-finished products and raw materials, such as metal sheets for car bodies or ingredients for food products. This integration ensures that all required components are available for the production process.
  • Work Orders : Organize the production process into distinct work orders for different stages, including semi-finished component assembly like assembling electronic circuits or stitching garment pieces. This segmentation aids in managing the workflow and tracking the progress of each manufacturing stage.
  • Inventory Updates : As production progresses, Odoo 17 updates inventory levels, ensuring accurate data for decision-making. For example, as finished goods like smartphones or furniture are produced, the system automatically deducts the used semi-finished products from the inventory, keeping the stock records up to date.

Why Pragmatic Techsoft is Your Odoo Accomplice

Pragmatic Techsoft stands as a beacon of expertise in Odoo 17’s implementation and customization. Our experienced team can seamlessly guide your business through Odoo 17’s advanced features, ensuring you harness the full potential of this powerful ERP system for your manufacturing needs.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on unlocking the power of Odoo 17 in manufacturing!

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Let’s transform your manufacturing challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation!


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