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What Are the Top SCM Features in Odoo for Boosting Efficiency in 2024?

For those in manufacturing and distribution, a solid supply chain management (SCM) system isn’t a luxury—it’s the backbone of successful operations, cost savings and happy customers. 

With a plethora of SCM tools available, finding the perfect fit might seem overwhelming.

Odoo, a standout in the open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) arena, offering a rich array of SCM functionalities designed to smooth out your business workflows and elevate efficiency. 

Let’s dive into the standout SCM features of Odoo 17 and discover how they can empower your business to flourish in 2024.


Odoo 17 rolls out with significant upgrades to its SCM features, positioning it as an even more compelling choice for businesses big and small. 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store :

1) Enhanced Inventory Oversight

Enjoy superior multi-warehouse support for seamless stock management across various locations.

Embrace perpetual inventory management for instant stock updates and sharper forecasting.

Leverage barcode scanning and label printing for quicker, error-free inventory handling.

Benefit from integrated quality control to guarantee product excellence and adherence to standards.

2) Simplified Procurement Process

Centralize vendor interactions with streamlined requests, quotes, orders, and invoicing.

Automate procurement workflows to cut down on manual tasks and boost operational efficiency.

Utilize a Kanban view for procurement to visually track purchasing tasks.

Explore drop shipping options for greater flexibility and minimized inventory expenses.

3) Optimized Production Scheduling

Master your Bill of Materials (BOM) for precise cost estimations and production planning.

Schedule and monitor work orders to ensure on-time production and delivery.

Identify and address bottlenecks with capacity planning to maximize resource use.

Adopt Kanban manufacturing to embrace lean production and shorten lead times.

4) Streamlined Delivery Operations

Integrate shipping management to accommodate various carriers and pricing.

Use route optimization tools for crafting efficient delivery paths.

Track shipments in real-time to enhance visibility and customer contentment.

Simplify returns with an integrated management system for hassle-free handling.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, our passion lies in helping businesses like yours leverage the full power of Odoo. Our team, rich in Odoo expertise, is adept at tailoring, deploying and maintaining Odoo SCM solutions for a diverse clientele.

Keen on supercharging your supply chain in 2024? Let’s talk. 

Our Odoo specialists are ready to evaluate your needs, pinpoint the ideal Odoo setup, and roll out a system that propels your business towards greater success and profitability.

Reach out to Pragmatic Techsoft to uncover how Odoo can revolutionize your supply chain and help you hit your business targets.

For those wanting more insights on Odoo 17’s SCM capabilities and how they can turbocharge your efficiency in 2024, stay connected. 

We’ve got more wisdom to share on our website and through our blogs.


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