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What Role Does Odoo 17 Play in Enhancing the Traceability of Meat Processing?

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With consumers increasingly concerned about the origins and journey of their food and regulatory bodies enforcing stringent food safety standards, the meat industry faces a significant challenge.

Odoo 17, an open-source ERP software enhances transparency at every step of the supply chain. 

From the pastures to the plate, Odoo 17 streamlines the intricate web of stakeholders – including farmers, processors and retailers – ensuring that every piece of meat is traceable, safe and compliant.

In this blog, we explore how Odoo 17 not only meets these challenges but transforms them into opportunities for efficiency and consumer trust.


Odoo 17 brings a suite of traceability features, enabling meticulous tracking throughout the product life cycle. These tools provide crucial insights into each stage, from sourcing to packaging.​

​ This enhancement is pivotal in maintaining the highest standards of food safety, ensuring product safety and integrity​.


  1. Quality Control Teams : Odoo 17 enables these teams to monitor the production process effectively, identify potential contamination risks, and enforce quality checkpoints​.
  2. Production Teams : These teams can use Odoo 17 to align with SOPs and regulatory guidelines, ensuring consistent food quality​​.
  3. Warehousing and Shipping Teams : They can leverage Odoo 17’s traceability features to manage sanitary shipment of goods and mitigate the risk of food spoilage​.


1) Product Master Record Creation : Initiate compliance by creating detailed records for each product within Odoo 17’s system​.

2) Defining Traceability Rules : Set specific traceability parameters for every ingredient or product to maintain stringent oversight​.

3) Barcode and QR Code Tracking : Implement scanning technologies to track each product’s journey through the production cycle​.

4) Utilizing Traceability Reports : Employ Odoo 17’s reporting features to evaluate food safety practices and identify areas for improvement​.


  • Lot and Serial Number Tracking : Unique identification and tracking of product batches or units​.
  • Product Genealogy : Trace the origins of each product, including raw materials and processing steps​.
  • Real-Time Monitoring : Gain immediate visibility into product movements and status​.
  • Alerts and Notifications : Stay informed about potential contamination risks for timely intervention​.


Odoo 17 empowers plants to implement strategies like segregating products based on allergen content, using dedicated equipment for different product types, enforcing stringent cleaning protocols and providing thorough employee training on contamination prevention​.

As experts in Odoo migration, Pragmatic Techsoft offers tailored solutions for the food processing industry, maximizing the potential of Odoo 17’s traceability features. 

Our Manufacturing Module complements Odoo 17’s capabilities, streamlining production, optimizing resources and enhancing overall efficiency, thus fortifying food safety practices​.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on leveraging Odoo 17 for transforming your food processing operations. 

With its advanced traceability features, Odoo 17 is not just a tool but a powerful ally in assuring the sanctity of food safety, marking a significant step forward in the journey of food supply chain optimization​.


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