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Would You Spend 5 Minutes to Save 5 Hours a Week? (This Dashboard Might Be Worth It!)

Streamlining communication with customers and suppliers directly within your ERP, sending instant purchase orders with drag-and-drop ease and effortlessly accessing critical contact information – all from a single, intuitive dashboard. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? 

In the relentless pursuit of business efficiency, entrepreneurs and managers are constantly on the lookout for tools that not only streamline operations but also carve out significant time savings. 

The WhatsApp-all-in-one dashboard, a standout feature in the Odoo ERP suite offered by Pragmatic Techsoft, epitomizes this quest for operational excellence. 

This innovative dashboard integrates the ubiquitous WhatsApp messaging service with the comprehensive business management tools of Odoo, offering a seamless blend of communication and operational functionality.


The integration of WhatsApp within the Odoo ERP system is a game-changer for businesses. This dashboard allows for seamless communication with customers and suppliers, directly from the ERP environment. 

The convenience of sending instant purchase orders, accessing critical contact information, and managing sales processes with drag-and-drop functionality transforms the way businesses operate, making multitasking a breeze and efficiency the standard.


1) Seamless Communication : The dashboard eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, allowing direct engagement with stakeholders through WhatsApp. This integration ensures that responses to inquiries, updates, and deal closures happen swiftly and efficiently.

2) Effortless Collaboration : By centralizing communication and task management within the dashboard, it breaks down silos and enhances team collaboration, ensuring that everyone is aligned and informed.

3) Streamlined Sales Processes : The ability to generate and send purchase orders directly from the dashboard not only speeds up the sales cycle but also enhances accuracy and customer satisfaction.

4) Enhanced Customer Service : Providing support through a preferred communication channel like WhatsApp significantly improves the customer experience, offering prompt and personalized responses.

5) Real-time Visibility : Immediate access to contact details, order histories and communication threads empowers businesses to make informed decisions and elevate service levels.


It involves multiple steps: from generating the order, communicating with the supplier, confirming details, to updating the ERP system. 

Each step is a potential time sink, prone to delays and errors

Now, reimagine this process with the WhatsApp All-in-One Dashboard. A purchasing manager receives a notification of low inventory on a critical item. Within the Odoo interface, they quickly generate a new purchase order. 

Using the dashboard’s drag-and-drop functionality, they send the order details directly to the supplier’s WhatsApp, all without leaving the Odoo environment. The supplier confirms receipt and details of the order in real-time, ensuring accuracy and immediate update within the ERP system. 

What once took hours, now takes minutes, with reduced errors and increased operational efficiency.


The Odoo 17 WhatsApp All-in-One Dashboard is more than a mere tool; it’s a strategic asset. Studies indicate that integrating WhatsApp into business communication can lead to approximately 20% increase in customer satisfaction and a 30% reduction in response times. 

These improvements not only enhance the customer experience but also contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Pragmatic Techsoft stands at the forefront of Odoo implementation, offering more than just expertise. We are committed to understanding the unique challenges of your business and leveraging innovative solutions like the WhatsApp All-in-One Dashboard to drive growth and efficiency.

The invitation to experience the transformative power of the Odoo 17 WhatsApp All-in-One Dashboard is open. 

Schedule a demo to witness firsthand how it can streamline your operations, enhance collaboration and redefine communication within your business. 

Investing just 5 minutes today could unlock hours of productivity each week, a proposition that’s hard to overlook.

Keep an eye on our website and blogs for the latest insights on leveraging Odoo 17 for business success. 

Follow us on social media for regular updates and expert tips and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to explore how the WhatsApp All-in-One Dashboard can revolutionize your business strategies.


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