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Are You Hitting a Wall with Lean Manufacturing? Discover How Odoo 17’s Adaptive Process Control Can Revitalize Your Efforts

Lean manufacturing systems are designed to eliminate waste, but achieving this goal can be challenging with complex, outdated, or inflexible processes. 

Odoo 17 offers a groundbreaking approach to surpass these challenges with its Adaptive Process Control (APC) feature. 

This blog post delves into the transformative impact of Odoo 17 on lean manufacturing, providing actionable insights for teams aiming to optimize their production lines.


Odoo 17 introduces a suite of features designed to propel lean manufacturing to new heights. Here’s how it can redefine your lean business process :

1) Unleash Lean Potential with Advanced UI/UX
A radical UI overhaul in Odoo 17 paves the way for an intuitive, efficient, and personalized manufacturing management experience. Dark Mode and streamlined navigation bolster user engagement and productivity​.

2) Enhanced Work Centre Planning
Aggregate workloads across multiple centers for improved resource allocation, essential in lean production systems where coordination and efficiency are paramount​.

3) Automated Components Demand Propagation
Changes in production demands are immediately reflected in pre-production pickings, ensuring a lean flow and avoiding stock issues​.

4) Streamlined Bill of Materials Management
Directly create and adapt BOMs from manufacturing orders, enhancing the responsiveness of your lean production system to market dynamics​.

5) Optimized Sales and Inventory Management
Odoo 17’s product catalog feature enables swift addition and customization of products and quantities, streamlining sales orders and inventory controls.

6) Revamped Work Orders Management
The Work Orders List View now provides an optimized task and employee management system, making lean operations smoother and more efficient​.

7) Seamless Collaboration with Drag-and-Drop Popups and Spreadsheet Sharing
Draggable pop ups and shareable spreadsheets foster a collaborative environment, facilitating real-time decision-making and process optimization​.

8) Empowering Teams with Actionable Production Insights
Integrated manufacturing lead times within BOM and ‘Combo Choice’ product options offer a strategic advantage, allowing teams to make informed decisions promptly.


Empower your production planning, quality control, and maintenance teams with APC by following these steps :

  1. Identify improvement areas in your production line
  2. Gather relevant data for APC analysis
  3. Configure APC with targeted metrics for improvement
  4. Monitor APC’s suggestions and adjust processes accordingly

Here’s an example of a Python code snippet integrating APC for waste reduction in manufacturing orders :

This code will add a new field to the production order model called apc_waste_reduction.

This field will store the waste reduction percentage for the production order, as calculated by APC.
Pragmatic Techsoft excels in upgrading your business to the latest Odoo version, ensuring a seamless transition to leaner and more efficient operations. 

Our expertise lies in adapting the robust Odoo platform to the unique demands of lean manufacturing, enabling businesses to achieve operational excellence with minimal disruption.


Our module is a testament to efficiency, integrating lean principles with the power of Odoo’s comprehensive tools. It assists in perfecting production processes, from work order management to BOMs and performance analysis, paving the way for a lean transformation.

Join us on the journey to manufacturing superiority with Odoo 17. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Pragmatic Techsoft and discover how you can take your manufacturing processes to the next level of lean efficiency.

 The future is lean with Odoo 17 and with Pragmatic Techsoft, it’s within your reach.


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