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Business Intelligence Tools Comparison 2017 Pentaho Vs Power BI Vs Tableau Vs QlickView Vs SAP BO Vs MSBI Vs IBM Cognos Vs Domo Vs DUNDAS Vs Microstrategy

There are many BI tools available in the market and it make it very difficult to choose the right option. Some tools are open source and free of cost and others are licensed. Some have ETL capabilities while others are purely Dashboarding and data visualization toolkits. We have compiled a comparison of some of these tools so that you can make an informed decision.

ParametersBI – Tools
Launching Year of Tools20042014200319932001199020051969201019921989
Available VersionsPentaho Community CE Pentaho Enterprise EEPower BI – Free Power BI Pro(Trial)Tableau Public – Free Tableau Desktop (14Days free Trial) Tableau Server (free Trial) Tableau Online(free Trial)QlikView Qlik SenseJasperSoft Community JasperSoft Enterprise EditionSAP – Business ObjectBIDS –SSIS , SSAS and SSRS comes as a package with SQL serverIBM Cognos -business ObjectDUNDAS BI
Free Trials
Operating System CompatibilityWindows, Mac, LinuxWindows OnlyWindows and MAC (restricted)Windows and MACWin/Mac/LinuxWin/Mac/LinuxWin/Mac/LinuxWin/Mac/LinuxWin/Mac/LinuxWin/Mac/LinuxWindows and MAC
Open Source
ETL ToolPDI (Penthao Data Integration)Inbuild – uses SSAS internallydoes not require ETLdoes not require ETLJasper ETLBODSSSISInbuild
Size of OrganisationsAny SizeAny SizeAny SizeAny SizeAny SizeEnterprise BusinessAny SizeAny SizeAny SizeEnterprise BusinessAny Size
FeaturesPentaho Features includes Data Visualization , Data Warehousing , ETL , Schema Workbench , weka , PRD report Designer, Hadoop Shims, Works really well with Big DataPower BI is Powred with features like Self Service Analytics, Data Refinement , Data Warehousing, Data VisualizationFree versions of Tableau has limited Data Sources support but paid versions lets you connect to more data sources Dashboards are self service,more interactive ,lots of chart options to plot data and has best data visualization capabilities , Internal help to find the best chart as per data set. Faster Dashboard Delivery and Tableau Online to share Reports. Features like “Show me” is really helpfulExcellent product that leads way in data discovery and visualisation Qlik View has more interactivity ,gives you lots of options to build charts from, Internal help to find the best chart as per data set. Faster Dashboard DeliveryAnalysis, Reporting , ETL, Dashboards,Cloud BI Solutions available.Takes care of All BI vertical full end to end software with wide presence and market Leader in fortune 100 companiesData Refinement , Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, CAS Sercurity , Active Directory Management,Cube ManagementReporting, Dashboarding, Analysis , Data Integration, Visualization , Self service Data Analysis, Data Warehousing, Real Time data Analysisafter free trial ,DOMO will take care of all the requirements , No development or platform details provided45 Days Free Trial , after which DUNDAS will take care of all the requirements , No development or platform details provided.
CategoryFree Open Source BIFree Cloud BIProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI SoftwareFree Open Source BIProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI SoftwareProprietary BI Software
RestrictionsEnterprise functionalities missing in Community Edition: Scheduling of Reports, Active directory integrations, Ad Hoc reporting , Analyzer Grids, No Support facilityData Refresh: Daily,Data Capacity Limit : 1GB free Data Streaming : 10K rows/hour Power BI cannot be installed on AWS ServerDoes not works with Unix/Linux , Limited features in free version, Data that you will use for free version will be made public and Development cannot be done on MAC systemsdoes not works with Unix/Linux Limited features in free version, Data that you will use for free version will be made publicEnterprise functionalities missing :- Ad Hoc Reportingadding a new data source is really a big job in SAP BO and also you are fully dependent on SAP Team for implementationCannot define color of your choice, poor UI Less chart to choose from, need skilled developers to develop the charts.Data Capacity : 1,00,000 Records or 500 MB not more than 50 columns
ProsFree and Open Source, Support for all major data sources , No dependency and gels really well with all cloud systems , good ETL Capabilities, Good Connectivity with hadoop and has Data Mining tool wekaPower BI gives Better Visualization ,Analytics capabilities , Faster Dashboard Delivery, Simple to use and can be adapted by business Users , Self Service BI is something many BI Users need.A large collection of data connectors and visualizations. Intuitive design, faster and better Analysis, does not require ETL for small scale implementation/ Tableau has pared with informatica for ETL capabilitiesIntuitive, easy to deploy, good at joining datasets togetherOpen source Software with Reporting and Dashboarding Facilities. It provides all the required tool under one umbrellasecurity and brand name are the biggest pros , company provide trainings and support to its customer,Good for big Enterprises ,Highly Scalable Software.Highly Secure as the data stays on premises , also strong active directory authentication both at report level and data Level.very well integrates with all Microsoft products like Office and Sql serverFaster and hassle free dashboard delivery without any ETL or Olap Analysis
ConsNot Stable, Depends highly on community which is not active, Dashboard Building approach is fairly Technical and need knowledge of SQL, HTML and JScript, Self Service BI and Mobile BI are not a part of Community Edition, development time is more compared to other tools, Limited Charts Components,Pentaho Data Integration is often Slow when dealing with Larger DataCannot let’s you deal with Larger Data sets on free version, Need to learn DAX Queries to work with the tools, less data Sources to connect to in the free versionBit of a learning curve , does not gels well with all data sources on free versions but connects to all Data Sources in paid versions.Bit of Learning curve , does not gels well with all data sources on free versions ,comparatively costlySelf Service BI only available in Enterprise Versions,reports are simple and less interactiveImplementation Cost ,Adding new Data source is very messy ,SAP is not very flexible with UI cannot use it for predictive analysis.” Confusing Licensing process, frequent support fee hikesLess Themes and Designs , vanila Dashboards with less interactivity.they do not take projects less than $50,000 and less likely to negotiate
pricingCE: FREEFREE(conditions apply)FREE(conditions apply)Trial FreeFreeFree TrialFree TrialFree TrialFree TrialFree TrialFree Trial
EE: Negotiable depend on the components you want for EE visit: BI pro : $9.99 /user/hour with 10GB /user ,refreshed hourly with 1M rows/hour$1,350/user and concurrent users are $15,000Purchase JasperSoft from www.jaspersoft.comPurchase SAP BO from to purchase the SQL server suite with BI capabilities$50,000 minimum charge to get started and about $1500 per user after that.
Final Analysis/Comments on free versionsGood for companies trying BI for the first time ,Pentaho will help in adapting the whole concept of BI with Zero Cost to Software also Enterprises with internal Technical teams can use Pentaho by training internal team members and enjoying the flexibility of open source pentaho Software. Pentaho is quickly adapting new trends of Analytics which makes it one of the important contender in BI market.Came as a replacement to Excel by microsoft , for companies who need nearly real time and quick Dashboarding with interactive Visualization. Customers who are ready to pay for subscription charges can get the best in class visualization of Power BI though it needs a knowledge of DAX queries to get the max out of Power BI.Companies that are already working with Windows and looking for interactive Dashboards and Reports without ETL and without spending much time and money in ETL can use Tableau and can create self service BI, Tableau is a Market Leader in visualization and Supports almost all data sources. Does not uses any DAX which is an added advantage.Quite similar to Tableau and Power BI but very mature in terms of product as it is one of the oldest Data Visualization and BI Tool. but latest analysis shows it lacks few of the new visualization features that are there in Tableau. but it is as good as Tableau and other BI tools with quite high customer base. launched qlik sense with quite new features in analytics.Jaspersoft comes with a community edition that almost has all features like pentaho. Mature Player with good presence. but does not have Analytical Features of Predictive Analytics , forecasting which pentaho Has. good for normal enterprise level reportingA complete Products that takes care of everything. from Reporting to Analytics to Mining and OLAP. Costly in terms of implementation but nothing seems impossible in SAP BO space. qualified team which takes care of everything.Good for Companies who already uses Microsoft Products and are very very strict in terms of Security of Data. Can compromise with Look and feel but not the Data integrity , Do not need cloud and have self sufficient Infrastructure and In house technical teamHere both the companies Implements everything at their end and there softwares are not available to use freely. after trails you have to pay and get the custom BI.

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