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Discover the power of Efficiency : Upgrade to ODOO 16 Today!

Upgrading to the Latest Odoo 16 today, would be key if you are wanting to improve the efficiency of your business and be more aligned with the industry requirements. 

Indeed we understand the pains it takes in the constant updates, however that’s what the world of technology demands! Getting the perks of an upgrade may  just be the survival boost your business requires. 

Odoo regularly releases its updated version that incorporates the latest technological advancements, in order to optimize the management process and minimize potential disruptions in the future. By future-proofing their software, Odoo is ensuring that their product remains relevant and effective in the long-term.

Let’s check out some of the Hot features of the New ODOO 16

  • The New Bank Reconciliation Widget in ODOO 16 has been revamped and can be found with the bank movements on the left side, the reconciliations in the center, and the reconciliation proposals below. This new design aims to provide better user-friendliness in reconciliation management.
  • Promotions, coupons, and discounts can be accessed and managed easily on your website from the centralized platform and can be used for Sales Orders, POS (Point of Sales), and eCommerce.
  •  A new functionality  that shows us the status of delivery and receipt of our sales orders and our purchase orders such as Partially delivered/Not Delivered/Fully Received, etc.
  •  A plethora of tools have been added to the Inventory Module for instance the added functionality created is to automatically create delivery batches with which you can establish rules for delivery orders.
  • To understand how many days we have to buy an ‘xyz’ product, a new field has been added to the replenishment report.
  • It shall now be possible for users from a sales order to view the status of their delivery order and the status of its manufacture.
  • Easy Management and check on ‘Stress Days’, ‘Leave Days’, ‘Time OFF’, and Allocations in the HR & Sign Module plus a ‘Signature Request Wizards’ can be added to the plans.
  • The Chatbot now creates multiple answers to give a wider scope to your clients needs when they arrive at your website.
  • For EMail Marketing, new default templates and the ability to create mailing lists more easily have been added. Improved appointment procedures as well as 24×7 support from the Vimeo Platform!

These are, but a few, the extensive list of course … goes on!

Faster, Easier and more Streamlined – ODOO 16s enhanced features shall surely generate maximum efficiency while optimizing your business processes.

Connect with Us : Pragmatic would be happy to assist you, should you want to upgrade your ODOO version.Experts in Odoo ERP services for 𝟭𝟰+ years with 𝟭𝟬𝟬𝟬+ successful implementations, we would love to address all your concerns/queries in the migration of the same.


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