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Has there been any improvement in the integration capabilities of Odoo 17 with other third-party tools used in manufacturing, compared to older versions?

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As industries continually evolve, the question arises : 

How does Odoo 17 enhance the manufacturing landscape compared to its predecessors?

This blog aims to unravel this query, diving into the specifics of Odoo 17’s integration enhancements. 

Prepared to embark on a journey through the advanced functionalities of Odoo 17, we’re set to explore how this version revolutionizes manufacturing processes, making them more streamlined and efficient.


1) Raising the Bar : Enhanced Third-Party Integration

Odoo 17 marks a significant milestone in the integration capabilities with third-party tools, setting a new benchmark for flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

2) Seamless Connectivity with External Applications

Odoo 17 introduces improved APIs and webhooks, facilitating smoother data exchange between Odoo and other essential manufacturing tools. This enhancement not only simplifies the workflow but also ensures data accuracy and real-time updates.

3) Advanced Customization and Automation Features

The platform offers more robust customization options, allowing manufacturers to tailor their ERP experience to specific needs. Automation has been taken a step further in Odoo 17, with smart algorithms that can predict and adjust manufacturing schedules based on real-time data.


odoo latest version

1. Industry-Specific Modules and Integration

Industry Library : Odoo 17 introduces an industry module that simplifies the process of setting up a database by automatically installing a selection of related apps, preconfigured with business flows and demo data specific to the chosen industry. This feature is a game-changer for manufacturers as it allows for quick and efficient setup and integration with industry-specific tools​

2. Point of Sale Revamp

Enhanced Functionality : Major changes in the Point of Sale software cater to modern retail needs, including QR code scanning and self-service kiosks. The new Kitchen Display app is particularly useful for manufacturers in the food industry, streamlining order processing and preparation​.

3. AI Integration with ChatGPT

Text Generation and Website Content : The integration of ChatGPT in Odoo 17 offers endless possibilities for generating alternative text across apps. This AI-driven approach can revolutionize the way manufacturers handle marketing, knowledge articles, and even website content, making it more aligned with their business line​.

4. Advanced Website Capabilities

Website Scraper and Image Optimization : The new website scraper transforms any website into an Odoo page, facilitating easy content migration and design. Additionally, the shift to WebP format images for better compression and SEO rankings is a significant upgrade for manufacturers looking to enhance their online presence.​

5. WhatsApp Integration

Enhanced Customer Engagement : The integration of WhatsApp with Odoo 17 allows manufacturers to send order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, and more, directly to customers, thereby strengthening customer relationships and streamlining communication.

6. Manufacturing and Inventory Upgrades

Manufacturing Order Overview and Shop Floor App : A new Manufacturing Order Overview centralizes all relevant data, simplifying replenishment and vendor comparison. The Shop Floor app, replacing the Tablet View, offers an intuitive interface for work center operators, significantly improving manufacturing order handling. Additionally, barcode scanning for order management and automatic printing features further optimize the manufacturing process​.

7. HR and Payroll Enhancements

Redesigned HR Apps : The HR suite in Odoo 17 has seen substantial improvements. New features like geo localization tracking and tailored payroll packages for various countries make it easier for manufacturers to manage their workforce efficiently​.

8. Accounting Module Innovations

E-Invoicing and Deferred Entries Management : The Accounting app now supports the Peppol e-invoicing system and offers enhanced scam protection. The management of deferred entries has been separated from assets, allowing for more straightforward creation of deferred revenues and expenses​.

9. New Apps : Meeting Rooms, Frontdesk, To-do

Enhanced Productivity and Organization : The introduction of new apps like Meeting Rooms, Frontdesk and To-do, transform how manufacturers organize meetings, manage guests, and handle daily tasks, boosting overall productivity​.

Odoo 17 emerges as a robust, feature-rich platform that significantly enhances the manufacturing sector’s efficiency through its advanced integration capabilities with third-party tools. The new features, from AI-driven content generation to streamlined manufacturing and inventory management, demonstrate Odoo’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. 

The manufacturing industry is poised for a transformative journey with Odoo 17’s automation and AI capabilities.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we are committed to providing our clients with the latest insights and best practices to empower them to embrace these advancements and achieve their manufacturing goals. Take a look at our Manufacturing Module and talk to our team for details!

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on Odoo 17 and its revolutionary impact on the manufacturing sector.


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