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How Helpful the Odoo for Construction Management!

ERP is an encompassing business programming arrangement made for information examination.

It takes data from various business forms like bookkeeping, finance, work costing, extend administration, stock/hardware administration, content administration, and request/conveyance administration, and gives examination to business administrators. Since ERP coordinates the monetary side of the business with each other division, you can track each cost all through the entire venture lifecycle and make your organization more nimble.

For development administrators, picking the privilege ERP is an unpleasant attempt. ERP programming is costly, and it’s difficult to limit the choices to what’s best for your development business.

Construction management in Odoo provides auto generation of Project against the Sales Order. Multiple Sales Orders can be generated against a project. Each project is distributed in different tasks. A task progresses through different stages. It comes with an Interactive Project Dashboard. All tasks of the project are available on the dashboard under the stages. A work package can be created consisting of different cost heads comprises of Cost codes. Work package can later be assigned to Project and with adding Mark up cost; estimated cost for project can be calculated.

With the above mentioned scenario we have chosen Odoo as the best ERP solution for construction management. Let discuss more about their features and applications for construction management Odoo based software developed by Pragmatic.



Project Planning & Controlling (PPC):The PPC module helps in the Budgeting,Estimation, Planning and Execution of the Construction Project.

Procurement: The procurement module helps in purchase of materials and tracking of supplier invoices.

Contracting: The Contracting module helps in sub-contract management for the development of projects.

Land Acquisition Development: The Land development module helps in land acquisition and management of compliances for the development of projects.

Admin Expense Management:The Expense module helps in tracking of Project and non-project admin expenses (Direct & Indirect) at project or company level.

Accounting & Finance: The Account Finance module helps in Financial Budgeting, Analytical Accounting, Tax Filing compliances.

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