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How Can Odoo 17’s Revamped Work Orders List View Transform Manufacturing Operations?

The manufacturing landscape is ever-changing, and to stay competitive, businesses need tools that help them adapt swiftly. Odoo 17 steps in with its revamped Work Orders List View, acting as a powerful catalyst to transform manufacturing operations and boost efficiency. 

This tool serves as a one-stop hub, offering a clear overview of all work orders in the system. With new features and enhancements, managing work orders, tracking progress and spotting potential issues early on has never been easier.


1) Improved Visibility and Control
Get a real-time view of all work orders, including their status, priority, and due date. This visibility helps in identifying and prioritizing work, and tracking progress over time.

2) Enhanced Filtering and Sorting
Find the specific work orders you need with new filtering and sorting options. Filter by status, priority, due date, product, or work center to narrow down your search.

3) Actionable Insights
Gain insights to improve operations. For instance, identify overdue work orders, overloaded work centers and products causing production delays.


Various internal teams within the manufacturing industry can harness the new Work Orders List View :

  • Production Planners :
    Create and manage production schedules, and track work order progress over time.
  • Shop Floor Supervisors :
    Identify and prioritize work orders and monitor progress on the shop floor.
  • Quality Control Inspectors :
    Spot work orders needing inspection and track the status of inspections.
  • Management :
    Get a high-level overview of the manufacturing process and spot potential issues early.


  1. Navigate to the Manufacturing module in Odoo.
  2. Click on the “Work Orders” tab.
  3. Behold the new Work Orders List View.
  4. Utilize filters and sorting options to find specific work orders.
  5. Click on a work order number to view its details.
  6. Perform actions like starting, pausing, or finishing the work order from the details page.

Coding Example :

Pragmatic Techsoft stands as a leading Odoo partner, with a rich history of aiding businesses in transitioning to Odoo 17. We hold a deep understanding of the new Work Orders List View and how it can pivot manufacturing operations towards higher efficiency.

Our Manufacturing Module is a robust solution helping businesses to streamline and automate their manufacturing processes. Key features include :

  • Bill of Materials management
  • Work order management
  • Inventory management
  • Quality control management
  • Production planning and scheduling

Odoo 17’s new Work Orders List View is a potent tool poised to transform manufacturing operations for the better. 

With Pragmatic Techsoft by your side, migrating to Odoo 17 is a decision geared towards success, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operational journey ahead. 

Stay tuned to our blogs for more insights on Odoo 17 and how it can be a cornerstone for your manufacturing success.


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