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How Does Odoo 17’s Components Demand Propagation Enhance Inventory Management?

Odoo 17 brings a new feature to the table, Component Demand Propagation, that is set to make inventory management much easier and efficient. This isn’t just a small change, but a big step towards making sure businesses have just the right amount of inventory at hand. 

The Odoo 17 Inventory Enhancement is here to tackle common inventory problems with a user-friendly solution. 

In this blog, we will dive into the Odoo 17 Inventory Features and see how Inventory Management with Odoo 17 can be a real game-changer for businesses.


Component Demand Propagation in Odoo 17 is all about making sure the supply of items matches the demand in real time. Unlike older systems, this feature in Odoo 17 adjusts the demand for parts based on how much of the final product is needed. 

This means better control over stock levels, less extra inventory and fewer stockouts.


  1. All Businesses : This feature is valuable for businesses of all sizes, but especially for those that make complex products with multiple parts.
  2. Inventory Management Teams : They are responsible for having the right amount of inventory to meet demand. This feature helps by providing accurate forecasts of demand for parts.
  3. Production Planning Teams : They plan and schedule production runs. This feature helps them do this more effectively by giving insights into future demand for parts.


Component Demand Propagation works by forecasting demand for parts and spreading it down the Bill of Materials (BOM). It considers :

  • Past sales data
  • Current inventory levels
  • Lead times for parts
  • Planned production runs
  • Seasonal trends

Once demand is forecasted, it is spread down the BOM to make sure all necessary parts are available when needed. This helps avoid stockouts and production delays.


Example : Consider a company that makes bicycles. The bicycle’s BOM includes parts like frame, fork, handlebars, wheels and gears. This feature helps forecast demand for bicycles and spreads it down the BOM, helping plan production runs and maintain the right inventory levels.

Code Example : Here’s a simple code snippet on how to create a BOM for a bicycle and enable Component Demand Propagation using the Odoo Inventory Management module :


Pragmatic Techsoft is a trusted Odoo partner, known for smooth Odoo version migrations for clients. Our experienced team is here to help you switch to Odoo 17 with ease.

We offer a thorough Inventory Management module to help manage your inventory better. Features include demand forecasting, inventory optimization, preventing stockouts, real-time tracking and detailed reporting.

Component Demand Propagation in Odoo 17 is a powerful feature that makes managing inventory simpler and efficient. It’s a big step towards saving both time and money, improving accuracy and making customers happy. 

Stay tuned for more insights on Odoo 17 on our website and blogs!

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