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How to Meet the Growing Demand for Smart Electronics with Odoo 17’s Smart Manufacturing Suite

The demand for Smart Electronics escalates daily, Manufacturers must leverage cutting-edge tools to stay competitive. 

Odoo 17, the beacon on the manufacturing software horizon, promising to streamline production with its advanced manufacturing suite. 

This blog explores how Odoo 17’s smart manufacturing capabilities can be the answer to the smart electronics industry’s prayers.


1) Agile Planning with Work Centre Planning View
Odoo 17 introduces a robust Work Centre Planning feature that amalgamates workloads from various centers, providing a bird’s-eye view for smarter resource allocation and production planning.

This is especially beneficial for smart electronics manufacturers dealing with multiple components and intricate assembly processes.

2) Real-time Components Demand Propagation
Smart electronics manufacturing is characterized by its fast-paced nature, demanding real-time adjustments in component needs. 

Odoo’s Components Demand Propagation ensures that any change in manufacturing orders dynamically updates the pre-production picking phase, preventing material shortages or excess.

3) Enhanced User Experience (UX)
The UX improvements in Odoo 17 include integrated manufacturing lead times into the bill of materials, providing invaluable insights into production timelines crucial for the smart electronics industry.

4) Unified Manufacturing Orders Overview
A comprehensive report feature within Odoo 17 allows manufacturers to oversee every aspect of a manufacturing order in one place, from replenishments to work order details, aiding in the efficient management of the manufacturing process.

5) Revamped Work Orders and BOM Management
Odoo 17 revamps work order management with an improved list view and ‘My Work Orders’ filter for better organization. 

Moreover, the Bill of Materials (BOM) management has been streamlined, allowing creation directly from manufacturing orders, which is essential when dealing with the complex products of the smart electronics sector.

Leveraging Odoo 17’s AI and Design for Smart Manufacturing

1) AI Integration with ChatGPT
Odoo 17 harnesses the power of AI, integrating ChatGPT to assist in generating content across apps, from marketing campaigns to email templates. 

This innovation is a game-changer for creating knowledge articles or automated responses within the smart electronics manufacturing process.​

2) Redesigned for Efficiency
Odoo’s complete redesign is not just about aesthetics; it reflects the efficiency and fun in using the platform, making workdays in the smart electronics manufacturing sector more productive and enjoyable. 


Website Scraper and WebP Images

The website scraper and use of WebP format for images speak directly to the needs of the smart electronics sector, offering better load times, visitor experience and SEO—key factors in marketing and selling smart electronics online​.

Odoo 17, with its advanced features and integrations, positions manufacturers of smart electronics to tackle their unique challenges head-on. 


At Pragmatic Techsoft, we’re not just experts in Odoo; we’re veterans in understanding and applying the nuances of Odoo 17 for manufacturing to meet the specific needs of the smart electronics industry. 

Our track record of seamless Odoo version migrations is a testament to our capability to elevate your manufacturing process with precision and care.


Pragmatic Techsoft manufacturing module is tailored to streamline the operations of the smart electronics industry. It’s designed to address the specific challenges faced by internal teams, such as fluctuating demand, complex product configurations, and the need for rapid prototyping and adaptive manufacturing processes.

Embrace the future of smart electronics manufacturing with Odoo 17’s smart manufacturing suite. 

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights into harnessing the full potential of Odoo 17 and how Pragmatic Techsoft can help you achieve manufacturing excellence.

As Pragmatic Techsoft continues to delve into the depths of Odoo 17’s capabilities, we invite you to reach out for a consultation to understand how these features can translate into a competitive advantage for your business.


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