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Is Manufacturing on the Rise Again? How Odoo Can Help You Attract Gen Z Talent

Manufacturing is having a major comeback, fueled by automation, innovation and a surprising new target audience : Gen Z.

That’s right, the generation known for their tech obsession and social conscience is actually showing interest in manufacturing careers. But here’s the catch : 

Manufacturers need to ditch the dusty stereotypes and embrace the very technologies that drew Gen Z away in the first place.  

So, how do you lure this tech-savvy generation into a world of machines and materials? Odoo, the open-source ERP that’s about to transform your manufacturing floor into a Gen Z magnet.

Did you know? A 2023 Deloitte survey revealed that 62% of Gen Z respondents expressed interest in a manufacturing career, provided it offered opportunities to work with advanced technologies.


Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and  2012,  is the  most tech-savvy generation yet.  They crave purpose-driven careers that  offer growth, flexibility and a chance to make a positive impact. Can the  stereotypical image of Manufacturing resonate with these  aspirations?  The answer is a resounding yes, but only if manufacturers  actively  court Gen Z  by  embracing the very  technological  advancements that  drew them away  in the first place.


Here’s where Odoo, a powerful open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system,  steps in.  Odoo for manufacturing offers a  modern,  user-friendly interface  that  would feel at home in a Silicon Valley startup.  Gone are the days of  green text on black screens.  Odoo boasts  intuitive functionalities  spanning  inventory management,  production planning,  and  customer relationship management (CRM), all  presented  in a  clean,  visually appealing  format.


Let’s delve into  why Odoo  for manufacturing is a perfect match for Gen Z :

1) Tech-driven Efficiency : Gen Z thrives in  tech-rich environments.  Odoo’s  modular  design  allows for  customization  and integration  with  cutting-edge tools like AI and machine learning. This  empowers  Gen Z  to  automate  repetitive tasks  and  focus  on  innovation.

2) Real-time Visibility :  Manufacturing  can  appear opaque to outsiders.  Odoo provides  real-time  data  visualization,  giving  Gen Z  a  clear  picture  of  operations,  inventory levels  and  production bottlenecks.  This transparency fosters a sense of ownership and  empowers  data-driven decision making.

3) Collaborative Spirit : Odoo fosters  collaboration  across departments.  Its built-in communication  tools  facilitate  seamless  information sharing  between  shop floor personnel  and management.  This  horizontal structure  aligns  perfectly  with  Gen Z’s  desire  for  open communication and teamwork.

4) Open-source Innovation : The  open-source nature  of Odoo  appeals to  Gen Z’s  propensity for  customization  and  problem-solving.  Odoo’s  active developer community  continuously  contributes  new features and  extensions,  ensuring the  platform  remains  at the forefront of  technological  advancement.

 How Odoo has the potential to attract Gen Z in other smarter ways!

1) Gamification and  Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Odoo integrates  seamlessly  with gamification  apps  that  turn  repetitive tasks  into  rewarding  challenges.  This  can  motivate  Gen Z  employees  and  accelerate  the  learning process.  Additionally,  Odoo’s  built-in  LMS  allows  for  on-demand  training  and  skill development,  empowering  Gen Z  to  take charge  of  their  career growth.

2) Environmental and Social Responsibility Integration   

Sustainability is a major concern for Gen Z. Odoo  allows  manufacturers  to  track  their  environmental footprint,  manage  waste  reduction  targets and  integrate  fair trade  practices  into  their  supply chains.  This  transparency  showcases a  commitment  to  positive  change,  resonating  strongly  with  Gen Z  values.

By  embracing  Odoo, Manufacturers  can  transform  their  workplaces  into  dynamic hubs  of  innovation,  attracting  the  brightest  minds  of  Gen Z.   This  shift  towards  a  tech-driven,  transparent  and  collaborative  environment  will not  only  secure  the  future  of  manufacturing  but  also  unlock  hidden potential  for  increased  efficiency  and  productivity.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we are  Odoo  implementation  experts.  We  have  a proven track record of helping  manufacturers  leverage the  potential of Odoo ERP in scaling their business.

We  can  help  you  customize  Odoo  to  meet  your  specific  needs  and  transform  your  manufacturing  workplace  into  a  magnet  for  Gen Z  talent. 

Further, we also offer comprehensive Odoo Certification programs to empower your current teams.

Stay tuned to our website and blogs for more insights on Odoo and how it can empower your manufacturing business.


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